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Time to dream

With the end of lockdown now in sight, we can now start to start thinking about the future and that’s exactly what Margery here intended to do. Before she fell asleep all she could think of was holidays to far flung parts of the globe where she would be invited to urbane parties with exclusive guest lists where she was the guest of honour. She wasn’t yet sure why she was the guest of honour but that’s what she hoped to find out over the next night’s sleep.

Sadly that wasn’t the case. Instead of dreams of living the high life with the world’s elite, she had dreams that left her more exhausted than anything else. She found herself traipsing through clouds like the Care Bears but instead of frolicking in the sun she was chasing ducks but didn’t know why. It was all very confusing for her. On top of that, her teeth kept falling out and growing back every time the ducks would quack at her.

This seemed to go on for hours until at one point when she was within a couple of inches from grabbing a duck when her foot started to sink into the cloud she was walking on. Suddenly she fell through the cloud and was hurtling through the air towards the ever nearing earth. Just as she was about to hit the ground she woke up with a start, knocking the glass of water on her bedside table all over herself and her cat which proceeded to dash from the room clawing her leg viciously as it scarpered for safety. After looking at herself in the mirror and assessing the bags under her eyes and the damage done from the cat she wasn’t particularly looking forward to going back to sleep anytime soon…




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Dream big & aim high

In these highly charged times when we’re bombarded with negativity just about constantly it’s sometimes nice to let my cold and cynical mind warm up just a little in a small attempt to remind myself that the world isn’t entirely a terrible place. 

After our series of Demotivational Posters I thought I’d dip my toe in the action on the other side. To that end I thought a simple message of positivity might cheer me up some. What I’m left with is an angry looking warrior woman and the legend ‘Dream big and aim high’. A slightly anarchic motivational poster for young feminists basically. I should probably just get ‘Smash the patriarchy’ on there and be done with it…

Anyway ‘Dream big’ is on A2 and comes available in 2 dashing colours. Drop us a line if you’d like to give either a new home.



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T’was bright but t’was just a dream

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If you’ve ever had a dream so real that upon waking you need to take a couple of minutes to work out exactly what’s going on then you’ve probably got some idea of the inspiration behind this piece. A half remembered memory of something that really never was…

This little lady is on a 60 x 60 cm canvas and has been made using the magic of spraypaint and imagination. Drop us a line if you’re interested in giving her a new home…



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T’was bright but t’was but a dream (keyring and original)

For our inaugural visit to City of Colours in Birmingham last year we painted a giant (5m x 5m) version of this piece and since I currently have access to a laser cutter thought I’d commemorate it with a keyring (5cm x 5cm) sized memento. I’m still not entirely sure where I stand on whether one should attempt to paint laser engraved items or whether that detracts from the point of laser engraving them in the first place. The artist in me wants to paint them but sometimes they just look better as plain wood. Plus they are complete fecker to paint properly. I’m still undecided however.

If you’ve ever had a dream so real that upon waking you need to take a couple of minutes to work out exactly what’s going on then you’ve probably got some idea of the inspiration behind the original piece. A half remembered memory of something that really never was. It sounds quite vague but makes for a good picture (and keyring). Right, what’s next to get lasered?



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Girl O’Dreams

So with Valentine’s day on the way it’s time for us to shamelessly try to jump on board and peddle some of our high quality wares.

Here’s the ebay link

It’s been a while since i’ve been in the situation this chap finds himself in. He’s done all he can; got himself dressed up nice, got some flowers and found himself the right door to knock on. From here on in it’s no longer in his hands and the best he can do is put his best smile on and pretend he’s all confidence (which, he’s been informed, the ladies love). I can only wish him the best of luck…

He’s a compact A4 in size and is from a small edition of 5. Each has been completed using the magic of screen printing, paint pens, spraypaint and stencils. The print is signed on the reverse side and all are hand finished and unique.



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We were invited down to Freeze festival to paint some big boards up for the UPfest folks. After managing to have a fairly quiet Friday evening we got ourselves down to the site, in the shadow of Battersea power station, in surprisingly good time and in surprisingly good weather. After hitting our boards up with some cool blue masonry paint we set to work although didn’t really realise how long the paint would take to dry fully -d’oh! So after waiting a while longer and enjoying the banging tunes being laid on by UPfest in our little corner of the festival we set to work again with, by now, largely dry boards.

After wrestling with our big stencils (and hoping that the impending rain clouds would disappear – which they did) we finally managed to get it put up on the wall and by mid afternoon had (along with Asone, SPQR and Ian Phenna) we had attracted quite an audience for our little spot of painting. In fact there were so many people that i turned round at one point and was quite shocked by how there were staring at us that had fitted into the fairly small space.

Anyway, as you can see from the pics below (video to follow at some point soon hopefully) we went for a snow themed picture to keep in with the general Freeze vibe. All in all we had a good day and even managed to get finished up fairly quickly so we could enjoy a look around the site. Some of the jumps and tricks being pulled out on the big slope were very impressive and all the people seemed to be enjoying themselves.





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The Talented Dreamer

The Talented Dreamer was something of an odd commission because we had to come up with a picture based on a poem that was written for/about the commissioner whilst he was still at school many years ago (although it is still very fitting).

After ‘leaving it on the backburner for a while’ (i.e. not knowing what on earth i was going to do for this picture) I finally managed to come up with the design seen below featuring the full text of the poem. After getting it back from the framer there was the nervous moment of handing it over but thankfully it seemed to go down well and (as far as i’m aware) hangs in pride of place in his bedroom.

The Talented Dreamer by Michael A Miles

“He knew of all the things he could do

The wonderful, wonderful things he could do

His mind was filled with pictures too

Of all the wonderful things he could do

A jack of all trades and master of none

He never quite managed to get anything done

But there’s one thing he does with consummate ease

He does it so well it’s simply a breeze

He’s a truly great master of this it seems

With the wonderful talent of wonderful dreams”

You can click on the picture below to go to a larger image.



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