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First up, Best dressed

Growing up as one of three brothers the phrase ‘First up, Best dressed’ was not just a saying but a way of life. There was only one rule. The first person up had free choice of clothing including any items that belonged to a sibling. There was no argument with this rule.¬†Only later, with the power of the internet, did I learn that it is a relatively common saying in the North of the UK and historically applied to other families with an equivalent number (or more) of potentially warring siblings and was, in fact, more commonly used as a saying much along the lines of ‘the early bird catches the worm’ rather than an actual house rule. You live and learn.

Today’s piece is inspired by this rule and here we most definitely the first up. He’s gone all out and has selected a dinner jacket and bow tie and looks simply FAB-U-LOUS. He’s on a 100 x 70cm canvas and has been made using stencils, spraypaint and the ancient art of paint chucking. Drop us a line if interested.




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