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Never forget your roots

Somehow we’ve tumbled into an alternate dimension where id-iom are the only name in the art world and we’ve had to resort to writing inspirational messages to ourselves to try and keep it real. ‘Never forget your roots’ we tell ourselves as we think about dropping the cardboard piece on the streets like we used to do then realise we could make far more with a celebrity auction in LA. 

We’ve all seen it happen to celebrities –  first they start off humble and happy to be on the national stage but slowly they morph into globe-spanning self-facilitating media nodes. Well, despite our dip into another dimension it’s not happening to us. We remember our Manx roots. For now at least…




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With the onset of better weather it seems getting out more is a whole load more feasible than it has been. So, what we had was a lovely spring day, a bag full of (mainly cardboard) pieces to put on the street and South London to work with… The pieces were largely mixed media – a mixture of screenprinting, painting, stencil, googly eyes and a little glitter. What could possibly go wrong?

Thankfully it all went swimmingly apart from our attempts to film it all. Expect some kind of results soon. Who knows, with a bit of clever editing it may not end up to be too bad. Only time will tell…

At least we managed to get some half decent photo’s. For bigger shots of any of the pieces please visit our Flickr page.



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My favourite celebrity quotes… Part 1

We had a lot of fun doing these last year and getting them out on the street. After i’d come across a couple of fantastically ridiculous celebrity quotes I realised what an untapped goldmine of stupid things have been said by your average C-lister (or, indeed, A-lister!)  Some of them really do come out with the most incredibly ill advised things.

Doing a series of them became so easy it was unavoidable. After we’d created them we waited for a nice day and then went to disperse them around London town.

More to follow at some later date…



Oliver Reed

On street – Old Blue Last, East End

Elton John

On street – Electricity box, Soho

Marilyn Manson

On street – in Camden. I’m not quite sure where (and also apologise for the low quality photo) as we were a little drunk by this point…

David Beckham (we completely failed to get a shot of this one on the street – although it was somewhere in the East End)


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