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Ecstasy and me

Today on eBay we’ve got ‘Ecstasy and me’. You can check it on the link below:


I’m in two minds over this pic. I can’t decide whether she looks like she’s been on the disco biscuits all night and is gurning like a donkey sucking a rolo or whether she has been having a little too much fun with some kind of intimate solo pursuit. Either way ecstasy figures in her immediate future in one way or another. Probably best just to leave her to it.

For no better reason than we can this was reimagined from actual news headlines. I fill my head with this grubby nonsense so you don’t have to. Vive la revolution!



Title: Ecstasy and me
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic and charcoal
Size: A4


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Dead Bad Dibo Bunny

Dead Bad Dibo Bunny

Dead Bad Dibo Bunny

We had a small competition a little while ago on Facebook where I posted the image below (with the caption at the bottom cropped off) and had people guess what the rabbit was up to.

The answers regarding what the bunny were up to were pretty much uniformly bad suggesting that he was a serial killer or perhaps some kind of drug addict. Personally I think it’s the look in his beady little eye that gives that impression.  The poster suggests otherwise. Patrick (for that is his name) is actually putting in or otherwise adjusting his new hearing aids. Assumably it’s so he can hear the blood curdling screams of his victims or hear his dealer when he calls him up.

The truth is bad things just seem to follow Patrick wherever he goes. He was kicked out of his warren at the tender age of 2 when he was still a big ball of fluff but they already knew then what i’m telling you now. Nobody really knows what he was up to for the next few years. Some say he spent some time with an unorthodox Irish shaman trying to learn the mysteries of life, others that he was a ruthless pimp in Bolton and there’s one person who swears he was heavily involved with the creation of One Direction. Maybe all three are true? Anyway, the next time we have any concrete evidence of his whereabouts is from medical records suggesting he suffered some kind of traumatic ear loss. There are no details as to how or why.

Today’s piece was the prize for the closest guess as to what Patrick was doing and gives us some kind of update on what he’s doing now. Exactly what that is I’m not sure. It doesn’t look particularly good though. It’s called ‘Dead Bad Dibo Bunny’ and is currently in its new home in Germany. That’s all I know for sure…






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Time to up the id-iomedication

As the festive period creeps ever closer its time to up the medication in anticipation of an endless stream of saccharine sweet Christmas adverts on TV and tunes playing in every shop. Not only that but having to face the indignity of having to actually enter just about every shop hunting for predictably underwhelming presents. And, of course, the inevitable mince pies (OK I do actually like mince pies but i have an unusual addiction). With all this going on I need to keep myself medicated just to survive. The lights on the tree are enough to make me flashback to nights out I was hoping I had forgotten…

Now, however your troubles are over as you can now take some id-iom certified yuletide survival pills for all those tricky times. No need to wallow in your own misery at this time of year ever again. Just pop one of the pills into your mouth with a glass of water and – bingo –  you’re good to go! Just be careful not to take all three at once, I did once and it was a somewhat messy situation…



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Love is the drug: Good days and bad days

Like Bryan Ferry sang in Roxy Music’s 1975 hit ‘love is the drug and i need to score’. This lady has it bad. One day it’s all blue skies and sunshine and the next day she’s experiencing some crazy thoughts and wondering whether it’s all worth it. I suppose that is sometimes the problem when your emotions are tied so closely to somebody else’s and you have little control over the whole rollercoaster ride. I guess you’ve just got to hold on and hope that the good days outnumber the bad…



Title: Love is the drug: Good days and bad days
Materials: Screen print, stencil, spraypaint & paint pen
Size: 2 x A3
Please email if interested

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Good Drugs: Bad Drugs

Good Drugs: Bad Drugs

Good Drugs: Bad Drugs

We did a few fake Tube adverts a while back but I’ve just found this one on the camera and realised that we forgot to share it with all the peoples on the interweb. Of course id-iom does not condone drugs in an official capacity but we do recognise that there needs to be standards for all parties involved otherwise some serious problems might arise and who would want that? Not us that’s for sure!!

All we’re asking is for people to heed the advice given on the advert. If everyone does there should be no need to get serious.



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