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Where’s the weekend?

Today’s eBay piece is ‘Where’s the weekend?’. Click the link below to check it on eBay:


Surely you’ve had a dead end job that actively sucks the life out of you each and every day you attend? I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. I certainly have. One where you lived for the weekend. Hopefully that was a lesson learned early on (and most probably the hard way) but now we’re a little wiser have moved onto more enjoyable positions. Anyway today’s pieces are a paean to the life of the wage slave. We can see he’s got his identical work ‘game face’ in each picture. This is because his face is permanently in this configuration during office hours as it’s hard to generate any interest when you do pretty much the same thing repeatedly. Here’s a run down of his week:

Monday – a stress in all ways; from getting up to getting home and all in between. Blue Monday to be sure. Where’s the weekend?

Tuesday – a grey day. Not much happened. But it is Tuesday so no catastrophes is considered a win. Where’s the weekend?

Wednesday – A day out of the office attending a training course. More enjoyable because of the novelty of not being in the office but don’t get carried away. It’s only Wednesday. Where’s the weekend?

Thursday – Some rays of sunshine – both literal and metaphorical – are just beginning to show through. You know the weekend isn’t too far away and it’s Thirsty Thursday so things could be worse. Today feels a little shorter than the earlier days of the week. Still, where’s the weekend?

Friday – Much brighter all round. But still at work. The weekend is so close you can smell it. Where’s the weekend?



Title: Where’s the weekend? (Grey Tuesday)
Media: Stencils, spraypaint and dymo
Size: A2


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This picture really does have it all. A classy design, laser cutting, hand painting, crystal resin, silver leaf, variegated blue/green gold leaf, glitter, a word that it turns out most people don’t seem to know and a dymo printed definition of said word. Just to clear things up a bit. Apparently use of the word ‘moiety’ was much more prevalent in the 1800’s. My brain refuses to tell me where it came to my attention but it’s been rattling around in there so I just thought it deserved to be let loose so it can be used a bit more. So here it is in all it’s redesigned id-iom glory. You’ll be hearing it more if I can manage to shoehorn it into a write up…



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Since we cannot change reality…

The colour blue has historically been expensive and difficult to produce but these days you can just magic it up out of a can. How’s that for convenient? Anyway I think viewing James Cameron’s Avatar on the weekend seems to have had a subconscious effect on me as this study in blue just spontaneously suggested itself whilst I was waiting for the paint to dry on something else.

The picture is based on a photo of a friend and once i’d completed the image I thought it needed a little something to finish it off. Reaching for my trusty Dymo I came up with some text which I think sets it all off quite nicely. The text reads ‘Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality’. Which I reckon is quite fitting for someone who works in PR…

Bonus fact – Blue eyes actually contain no blue pigment. The colour is caused by an effect called Rayleigh scattering, which also makes the sky and sea appear blue. So there.



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id-iom vs cats

Cats have had it their own way for a long time and are also perhaps some of the laziest animals ever to grace our undoubtedly beautiful planet. How they have come to dominate a position at the top of the food chain whilst being quite so lazy is somewhat hard to fathom. Perhaps it is our uniquely human view on what would otherwise be considered a dangerous pest. They have come to dominate us so completely that the top favourite thing for humans to look at on one of our greatest creations – the internet – is images and video’s of cats doing normal feline stuff. Pictures of cats it would seem are, to humans, like catnip is to cats. We seemingly cannot resist them and this makes them undisputed kings of the internet.

So, here at id-iom we thought it was high time we took them on and broke the internet with an id-iom cat picture. Before any smart alec’s point out it has no tail I have, of course, made it a Manx cat as I have one of the little blighters myself. Let the chaos commence!



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Nothing to see here

Ah, the joys of waiting for a train in the cold. At least I had my little Dymo with me to amuse myself with whilst enduring freezing temperatures and a mystery 15 minute addition to the train’s due time. Anyway I decided to the furnish the sign with a sassy little addendum to show the sign is fed up of being stared at by soulless London commuters all day and needs a little time to himself. I can only wish him the best on his voyage of self  discovery and hope the little addition does the trick…



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This is the story all about how…

Well, guess who’s got themselves a Dymo? I hadn’t seen one for years and had presumed they’d gone all digital but no, it’s a good old-fashioned one like they had at school and it’s just perfect for small scale street interventions and, ideally, little earworms like this. Having printed the first couple of lines from the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (which are surely ideal breeding ground for an earworm) I just had to find somewhere good to put them. Where better than a bin that does get turned upside down on a weekly basis? Granted it’s probably in the highest traffic spot in the world but it’s all about placement and if it achieves it’s aim just once then it’s fit for purpose. I just have to remember to take it out with me next time…



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