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You had me at whagwan

Today on eBay we have ‘You had me at whagwan’. Click the link below to check it out below:


Since living in Brixton I’ve become enamoured with the phrase ‘Whagwan’. For the uninitiated, the phrase means ‘what’s going on’ in Jamaican Patois. The spelling can vary but the meaning doesn’t change. 

Anyway, once I’d combined that with a nice little romantic statement and a bit of traditional Claddagh ring design, hey presto, I had this little declaration of love for Brixton. Then it was just a matter of adding it to the messy ‘graffiti wall’ style background and, by jingo, you’ve got it!



Title: Brixton – You had me at whagwan…

Materials: Stencil, spraypaint & paint pen

Size: 60 x 45cmAttachments area


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Today’s eBay piece is ‘Asmund’. You can check it on the link below:


It all began back in the summer of ’05 when we were just starting out on this career. At the time we were both working for the man, in dead-end office jobs and our fervour for life was on the wane. Whilst in the doldrums we went back home for a relative’s birthday party and whilst there came across a undeniable rogue of immense proportions, a true reprobate, a man who wallows in the murky grey underbelly of life. It was, of course, none other than Sir Asmund Quayle. Needless to say he was a delight to chat to and [3 paragraphs redacted].

After some hastily constructed explanations and a few secret handshakes the police agreed there were no charges to press and once the paramedic had finished her work and departed we all shook hands and had a good laugh at our immense stroke of good fortune. Naturally, given the situation, Sir Asmund was more than grateful and id-iom now had a very influential friend for life.

Of course this isn’t an actual likeness of Sir Asmund but more a totem/representation of him which we and others can use in everyday life. Remember this though – we all follow false idols.



Title: Sir Asmund Quayle – The patron saint of id-iom
Materials: Screen print, paint pen, acrylic and charcoal
Size: A3

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The best things in life

The best thing in life

The best thing in life

So here we are again and we’ve got still another piece in the id-iom demolition sale. Who would’ve guessed that we had so much stuff stashed away in our now defunct studio? And like our other pieces it’s starting at the austerity busting price of just 99p… Here is the Ebay Link.

‘The best thing in life aren’t things’. Despite advertisers trying to convince us that wanting a life full of material possessions is what we all want I think we all know deep down that this small phrase is a truism that’s hard to deny. That said I have had my eye on a snazzy new laptop that I swear would make me happier…

She’s an A3 screen print on paper with unique hand finishing including the magic of watercolour, spraypaint, stencils and old school felt tips. Signed on reverse



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