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Other people’s graffiti

Other people's graffiti

Other people’s graffiti

In an attempt to bring a bit of levity to my Friday afternoon I’ve come up with a new feature I’m imaginatively calling ‘Other people’s graffiti’. Just putting up pictures of your own stuff seems a little self absorbed so I thought it was about time we branched out and started sharing the love – so each week (or frankly whenever we fancy it) we’ll be posting something that has somehow managed to snag our attention.

Today’s shot was taken at the Queen’s official residence in Scotland – The Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh – and features some ancient graffiti that was, I’m reliably informed, scratched in place over countless days/nights by bored guards. You’ve got to have a seriously mind-numbing number of hours on your hands to consider engraving your whole name and the date in stone by hand using (assumably) the tip of a knife or something similar. That’s dedication (or terminal boredom) for you.




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