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The first schedule – Part 1 and 2

Although the picture is colourful please don’t let that fool you, that is just artistic license. The man in front of me was the dullest person I have ever met. He was a lawyer, suited and booted consisting solely of shades of grey. From his suit, to his hair, to the grey sheen to his eyes, just completely grey. I was stuck in a lift with him and all he would talk about was the first schedule, a subject I had no clue about, and still don’t want to. Anyway, after he had explained part 1, he tried to move on to part 2 and this is where I had to draw the line, figuratively and physically. I told him that he couldn’t move if I was going to draw him and that included his mouth. By the time the fire brigade had arrived, I had completed this picture.

The lesson of this tale I hear you ask? Always carry a small kit of paints with you to disarm any dullard when stuck in a lift…




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Long way down

As Douglas Adams so rightly put it ‘It’s not the fall that kills you. It’s the sudden stop at the end’. Is this guy ever going to find that out? I could hardly resist a cheeky little unauthorised addition to the otherwise uninspiring flooring whilst up in Peterborough on the weekend. Have paint, will travel…



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