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Elvis was a hero to most (but not this one)

Elvis was a hero to most (but not this one)

Elvis was a hero to most (but not this one)

Now most people might look at this fella and think of a young Elvis Presley but it’s not he. This is, in fact, a very dangerous man named Bobby Elvis Saunders and he is a teddy boy and not a very nice one at that. Just out of picture are his brothel creepers and a very snazzy jacket which contains a small bottle of vitriol in case he comes across any trouble. Which he invariably does. If you see him you’re best steering clear. You have been warned…




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Did you know Elvis had an identical twin?

Well, did you? I certainly didn’t until I started having to do a little Elvis research on the weekend. It’s funny the little things you remember isn’t it.

All i want for my birthday is a grey staffy. Well now you've got one!


Oh me oh my it's only the Elvis wardrobe!


Elvis has now left the building!

There I was on the weekend enjoying a beverage in the local hostelry when we had a call out of the blue asking if we could pull out our best ‘Changing Rooms‘ impression to help prepare for a new teenage bedroom which, after being constructed in secrecy whilst he was at school yesterday, would be ready for his birthday celebrations when he got back. After a little deliberation we agreed and this much we knew – it had to feature Elvis, a grey staffy dog and there was a little water damage to the wallpaper (from a shower upstairs) which had to have a little makeover. We only had a couple of days to prepare and then had to get it all done in the time it would take him to go to school and back…



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Cash is King

For this little piece i came up with the title first and it was all just plain sailing from there on in. I think it may have been after i was listening to ‘Suspicious minds’ that this one came to mind – although it’s always tricky to be sure. The stencil is quite small  and i’m reasonably happy with the result. I think next time i should probably try and get a crisp note for such purposes.


As somebody commented on flickr apparently it is illegal to deface dollar bills so i’m just glad i don’t live in the U.S. as i would hate to have a knock at the door for doing this…






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