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In the Land of Grey and Pink

Today’s sphere has been around for quite a while now. It’s been studying earth culture since it’s appearance shortly after the first nuclear tests in the 1940’s. It was diligently doing it’s job cataloguing and analysing whatever it would come across until one fateful day in the late 60’s when it ‘accidentally’ ingested some acid with English progressive rock band Caravan whilst they were recording their critically well received but commercially unsuccessful third album ‘In the Land of Grey and Pink’. Since then all it has studied are things that are grey and pink. It’s unsure exactly what he’s studying here but he’s clearly enjoying it.

He’s on A2 and has been made using the magic of spraypaint, stencils and imagination. Drop us a line if interested…




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To bite the bullet

To bite the Bullet

To bite the bullet

To bite the Bullet (Detail)
To bite the bullet (Detail)

According to the internet an idiom is ‘A group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words’¬†We are called ‘id-iom’ and ‘to bite the bullet’ is an idiom. You can see what we’ve done there can’t you? How self-referential and hip we are.



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A Sign of the Times

After finding a couple of injured signs and taking them back home to nurse them back to health it’s only fair to release them back into the wild once they’ve fully recuperated. Take these signs for instance. They used to be dirty, functional, used and abused until they managed to find themselves some new foster parents who were willing to take them in, feed them, make them feel beautiful again and then release them back to their natural habitat.

“Pucker up Buttercup” used to (i think) be a ‘keep right’ sign but now she looks much more glamourous and i think she feels right back at home on the street although the good lord only knows where she is now. I hope she’s still out there somewhere…

“No speakee da pidgin inglish” is certainly something of a strange one. Based on a slightly odd picture taken in a park in Singapore I’m really not sure how this one will fare in life now it has been released but i can only wish it well. Maybe it would be fun to affix some sort of GPS locator on these so you can work out exactly where they are now…



Title: Pucker up Buttercup
Media: Spraypaint, acrylic and paint pen
Size: Found street sign


Title: No speakee da pidgin inglish

Media: Spraypaint, stencils,  acrylic and paint pen

Size: Found street sign

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