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White Horse – Round 5. Fight!

We’ve done a load of work at the White Horse¬†previously (see Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4) but we were asked back to go over a wall that we’ve done previously (that was looking a little grubby due to the addition of some low-grade graffiti), freshen up the gents toilet door, take care of a tall wall beside the bar and also throw in a few little extras scattered around the place. The White Horse is one of our favourite local boozers so working there is always good fun and design-wise we’ve obviously run with the whole White Horse identity but given it a little id-iom twist.

First up, for the wall by the bar we wheatpasted up a variety of White Horse flyers from over the years and then went over them with a little paint and some stencils and then blacked out the rest of the wall leaving a load of coloured horses with flyer backgrounds and one pure white stallion looking serene and ready to race.

White Horse wallpaper

White Horse wallpaper detail

White Horse wallpaper detail

In the gents toilets we had a corridor wall and a toilet door and went with a (kind of) similar theme for both of them. In the corridor we opted to replace our ‘bizarre S&M horse mural‘ with a sexy lady riding a (white) rocking horse with the legend ‘Giddy up horsey!’ beside her. Then for the gents toilet door (which had a load of graffiti on but, i was surprised to learn, was nowhere near as bad as the back of toilet doors for the ladies¬†– in terms of both quantity and offensive content) we have a naked horse lady and the text ‘Whoa there horsey!’ for the gents to leer at whilst taking care of business.

Giddy up horsey!

Whoa there horsey! (It was tricky to get a good shot of this due to the small size of the toilet...)

Whoa there horsey! detail

Other than that we hit another small wall in the toilet, a few tables, the hand dryer and a couple of random other spots. My favourite photograph is probably the one of the little centaur girl that is on the side of the DJ box. All done until next time…

White Horse text table

Little centaur girl

White Horse silhouette table

White Horse silhouette table detail

White Horse text wall

White Horse hand dryer - it just needed some cheering up!

White Horse gents toilet logo




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