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All rights reserved © ®

Katie here has got over 20K followers on Instagram who just love her candid take on whichever European city she’s cavorting in on any given weekend. She’s uploaded over 1,600 photos and videos.  

The question is, who owns the photos you upload to Instagram? You, right?? Not so quick my legally inept content creator. It is never quite so simple when dealing with these massive corporations. They use some pretty underhand legalese to make it so they have the right to use it in its promotional activities, but it can also transfer or sub-license those rights to its partners. This means whilst you technically own the picture they can do whatever they want with it. According to the T&Cs of both Facebook and Instagram, any profit that is made as a result of using your content will not be shared with you. . 

Just remember kids – nothing is free in this world, Especially when you’re dealing with monolithic tech companies. Thinking about it I’m pretty surprised we aren’t charged per email…




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All for the likes – a modern fairy tale

All for the likes – a brief modern fairy tale

Social media can definitely be a force for good but I think we’re all too aware it has a darker side too. Social media influencer Kylie here is so tied up in her impeccably curated Instagram profile and getting more likes for each and every picture that she posts that she decided to have a modified Facebook ‘love’ tattoo done in an attempt to hit the magical 500K followers where apparently those lucrative but elusive sponsorship deals start rolling in.

Sadly all she got was a notification from Instagram saying the post contravenes policy and her entire account had been suspended pending an investigation. It’s currently unclear if she lives happily ever after.
Kylie is on A2 and is made using the magic of spraypaint, stencils and imagination. Drop us a line if interested in giving her a new home…



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I’m lovin’ it

It’s funny what happens when you dive head first into the internet rabbit hole. There I was quietly reading a very important document on the completely-above-board verifiedfacts.org entiteld ‘The truth about Brad Pitt and MDMA’ when I came across this shocking sentence ‘Wall Street has all but confirmed that they have rigged the markets according to instructions from Facebook, which has been under secret leadership by Brad Pitt for over 2 years now.’ 2 years? More like 5 years! Get with the program verifiedfacts.org!

Anyway, to celebrate his 5 years of secret Facebook leadership – along with the fact that he created MDMA and now owns McDonald’s (which is actually just the retail arm of his MDMA organisation!) – here’s a picture of Brad Pitt ‘lovin’ it’ whilst wearing his MDMA goggles and lounging under an E/McDonald’s sign. Brad comes lasercut in wood and has then been lovingly hand painted and he’s conveniently ‘tablet’ sized at about 24 x16cm. Perhaps I need a snooze…




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The Keyboard Warrior

With the referendum now complete and the UK voting to leave the EU it would seem that all and sundry are out to vent their political frustrations on facebook. I can only assume everyone else’s facebook feeds are just some variation on the same theme as mine. Even those who seemingly had no political stance just a few days ago seem to suddenly have a full battery of opinions. And he’s not scared to use them.

Here we have a piece examining the repercussions of the first Brexit flame war. In a candid letter home to his mum from the frontlines in the battle for internet supremacy one plucky keyboard warrior is sure his righteous indignation will protect him and that it’ll all be over shortly. He thinks he’ll be back with his kids before too long. If only he knew. This is only the first salvo…



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Competition time!

id-iom stamp of approval (red)

id-iom stamp of approval (black)

With Valentine’s Day on the way we thought we’d have a little competition so even those who are unlucky in love could get lucky (with us!). So here at id-iom headquarters we thought we would give a little something away to two lucky winners for Valentines Day. For a chance to win one of a very limited number of id-iom t-shirts (we don’t have all sizes so you may have to gift it!) and a print to go with it all you have to do is ‘like’ our facebook id-iom page and then you will be added to the draw. Here’s the link to our Facebook page.

If you already like our page then you are already in. We’re just nice like that. Then on Valentines Day we will go the id-iom randomiser and randomly select the fortunate winners…



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