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Just one Marijuana later…


The ‘before’ photo shows just how potent even one Marijuana can be…

Ever wondered what happens when you leave pound shop polyfilla out at the mercy of the British weather? Well, wonder no more. id-iom have done all the necessary legwork for you on this one.

The original artwork was done on 4ft sq boards for Whitecross Street Party back in 2015 then eventually found it’s way to the garden for a couple of years to see what would happen. This is the result. Weirdly I quite like it although i’m not sure if we’ve added to the resale potential…




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The Personality Splits

Sometimes, just sometimes mind, I feel like there are many different versions of me in my head which are all trying to have their say. Luckily I can usually bitch slap them down and gain control in a second or two but this poor dear has no such luck. She’s stuck with her multiple belligerent personalities nearly all day everyday and it is driving her close to madness. She is graced with an astounding beauty though so many men think that she is unbelievably amazing and that she should be their girlfriend. Unfortunately most men just can’t handle those levels of craziness but if any of them had looked upon the Maskell-Williams sexy/crazy scale then they would have found out that it just wasn’t going to work out…



Title: The Personality Splits
Materials: Acrylic, paint pen and charcoal
Size: A2
Please email if interested

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