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Free Art Friday – Supersized and on a Sunday!

It’s Friday, the sun is shining and the art is free. Come on down! We have prepared a whole load of stuff which is hopefully already in the clutches of our good man MyDogSighs for his upcoming Free Art Friday event in Southsea this Sunday. As far as i’m aware he has hundreds of pieces from a wide variety of artists and all you have to do to snag one is head to Southsea and grab one for yourself. It’s a foolproof plan! We’ve provided a variety of pieces (mainly on cardboard) and all come complete with the ‘id-iom certified’ stamp that guarantees authenticity. My main concern is whether i’ll be able to get down in order to snag something for myself…

Why am i always the last to know?

id-iom certified stamp

Storm Bird



Mupan in Naples

Mupan in Naples - back

You're sure i don't look stupid in this?







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Mupan takes a break…

Mupan takes a break...

Mupan takes a break...

Sometimes the stresses of modern life get a little too much and it’s imperative to take a break and recharge the batteries. Even the seemingly indefatigable Mupan needs this from time to time. So occasionally he packs his bags and heads to Naples, his favourite holiday spot on the west coast of Italy. Here we can see him in his glad-rags taking a little time out from the travails of the tourist life and lounging on one of the many conveniently placed rubbish dumps that litter (pun intended!) the streets of Naples and really take on a life of their own in summertime. He just adores it there and will definitely be back again.

As it is such a sunny day we thought we’d hit the streets for a little Free Art Friday action and get Mupan’s little memento out there for someone to find and brighten up their undoubtedly dreary day. It’s just a shame you can’t really see the glitter (in the white area of this pic) as it really sparkles in this lovely Spring sunshine.



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