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The Shropshire Renaissance

When people think of ‘voguing’ most automatically think of the Madonna song ‘Vogue’. It’s not a bad reference but it all really started in Harlem. Michael had never been to Harlem however he had always wanted to visit – mainly due to it being the birthplace of his favourite dance. The main reason that he has never been is that It is quite hard to find the time when you run a large farm in rural Shropshire. He usually spends his days looking after the animals and fixing things that should have been replaced many moons ago.

This doesn’t mean that Michael never vogues however. Whilst tramping round the farm with his oversized headphones pumping out some beats he can vogue away to his heart’s content. Duckwalk to spins & dips followed by an energetic floor performance. The livestock don’t seem to mind. All so he can get himself ready for when Saturday comes…

It is A3 in size and made using ink, pastel and acrylic.




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Don’t forget the milk!

Don’t forget the milk!

Today’s offering is our on-street nod to current milk price scandal. My lifelong love of the white stuff and the current problems faced by British farmers – with increasing feed costs and decreasing prices paid by supermarkets – got me a-thinking. My response was this whimsical little number. I’m not entirely sure what it’ll achieve but I had fun doing it so hopefully that’s enough.

My favourite part is the little bit of graffiti that was already written on the shutters. You have to look close to find it. It’s short and (not so) sweet and i’ve got no idea what it’s on about but it amused me all the same.



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