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If you’ve ever seen Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ then you’ll probably have some inkling of what ornithophobia is. It’s a type of specific phobia based on an irrational fear of birds. The thing is I don’t have ornithophobia and I don’t even know anyone with it (as sometimes these phobia’s can be learned responses). I put sole responsibility for this picture on the muse…

There I was with a tatty old canvas (that originally had some suitably vile printed picture of a rose on it) when the idea of painting a bird popped in to my abnormally small mammalian brain. And who am I to go against the grain? After looking at said bird the muse changed tact and sent me off trying to write some pithy if not indulgent text for the piece. After some sitting around drinking tea I came up with:

They hop from branch to branch

before they disappear

to see the birds

and hear their song

will always bring me fear

After reading that little ditty I think we can all agree that the Poet Laureate has nothing to worry about…




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Fear not for the future, weep not for the past

Fear not for the future, weep not for the past

Fear not for the future, weep not for the past

This picture came about via a commission but eventually they didn’t choose this design and went for something entirely different. As I always liked this one however I thought I’d go ahead and paint it up anyway. I wouldn’t usually do this as designs that have been done for a particular commission are usually discarded or partially recycled because they had there time to shine and didn’t quite make the grade. This one though managed to pass muster though although i’m not really sure why.

This old soldier has the right idea though:

‘Fear not for the future,

weep not for the past,

From ‘The Revolt of Islam’ by Shelley



Title: Fear not for the future, weep not for the past
Materials: Paint pen, acrylicr, spray paint, glitter and charcoal
Size: A2
Please email if interested

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Daddy! There’s something moving under the stairs!

Daddy! There's something moving under the stairs!

Bathmophobia is the fear of stairs and a common cause is an early negative experience with stairs. This much we all surely know. However, this ‘early negative experience’ can be hard to pin down yet can persist for years. After much research and hanging around in the wrong kind of places id-iom can reveal the real cause of this debilitating illness and can embiggen medical knowledge all in one fell swoop. His name is Bob and if i’m honest it was quite tricky to get any more than that from him. He didn’t seem particularly keen to see me and i’m not convinced of his assertions that his intentions are strictly honourable… Either way I got the photo so at least that one is now sorted.




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Fashion is dead. Long live fashion!

I definitely think i’m more of a vestiphobe than a gymnophobe. In case you didn’t know, gymnophobia is the irrational fear of nudity (they may worry excessively about seeing others naked or being seen naked, or both) whilst vestiphobia is the overwhelming and irrational fear of clothing. Sometimes it all just gets a little much for me and I feel I have to divest myself of my clothing and have a little dance round the front room. Despite the fact my girlfriend calls this sexual deviance/assault i’m sticking by the fact that i’m a sometime vestiphobe. So there you have it. That’s my defence and i’m sticking to it.




Title: F**k Vestiphobia
Media: Spraypaint, acrylic, diamantes and paint pen
Size: A2

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There we were with a few blank walls when we decided to come up with something we could do that could be sprayed up quickly whilst making the most of our truly impressive freehand skills. After a quick trip back to the lab we came up with the stencilled eyes and mouth which can be thrown up at a moment’s notice followed by a quick bit of can work for the rest of it. Bish, bash, bosh. 2 minutes and it’s job done. Although saying that we went to town on the bottom one after a couple of earlier mishaps which eventually took a little while. Hopefully we’ll be developing these somewhat if we get a little space to work with…



Devil & Angel

Doodlehead (red heart)

Doodlehead (grey heart)

Doodlehead (fear mask)

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For starters this picture looks much better if you are looking at it from directly above so i suppose it would probably look quite good set into a table top or something similar. Anyway, acrophobia is the irrational fear of heights. Whilst there is some evidence to suggest a certain fear of heights is inborn in all of us (along with a fear of loud noises and a fear of falling) this can be taken to extremes in some cases – and I think if i was the man who just been thrown out of the doorway i’d have a sudden and serious case of acrophobia. I’m not sure if kittens, guns and grenades would be on my mind but I suppose it’s difficult to know…



Title: Acrophobia

Media: Screenprint, spraypaint and stencils

Size: 46 x 31 cm slate

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