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I married the perfect female animal

i married the perfect animal

I think I can speak for a large proportion of men in saying that finding the perfect female animal is pretty high up there on the list of reasons for marriage. Although, saying that, marriage is hardly the inviolable institution it used to be. Anyway, I digress…  Just take a look at this beauty. She be smart, willing, eager and easily pleased. What more could a man want? I’m sure there’s numerous wisecracks I could insert at this point but I’m going to be the bigger man and just let it lie.

Like the rest of this sordid little lot these pictures have been reimagined from actual news headlines. I fill my head with this grubby nonsense so you don’t have to. Vive la revolution!

Available from idiom.bigcartel.com/products



Title: I married the perfect female animal
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic and charcoal
Size: A4


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As we were moving all our stuff out of the House of Pain(t) we came across a few stencils that had been cut and then promptly disappeared under a box of stuff only to reappear whilst we were packing our studio and materials away. It’s clearly bad form to bother to cut a stencil and then not even test-spray it so we decided to remedy that straight away by spraying it on one of the windows.

I can’t remember what exactly I was going to use this superhero lady for but all I can remember is that I’d christened her ‘Feminax’ (as it said so on the stencil) and, as it turned out, had forgotten to do a colour layer for her underwear so have decided that she, like the Invisible Woman (from the Fantastic Four), has the ability to make her crotch area invisible. I’m not entirely sure what practical use this would have but then not all superpowers have to be useful. And she could probably find work in the adult entertainment industry if she ever gave up being a super heroine.

I do actually have a photo of her male counterpart, Claymore, who’s some kind of alien but it’s of such poor quality (the camera was having a hard time handling the contrast between the dark room and the bright outside) that I think that he probably won’t see the light of day…



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