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Burn Baby Burn

burn baby burn 2.jpg With a touch of the devil in her eyes, this lady is an inhuman force to be reckoned with. She can give just a side glance at any unsuspecting passerby and they will be under her spell, never seemingly to properly return to the land of the living ever again. All they seem to be able to do with themselves is sing on the chorus to The Trammps 1976 hit ‘Disco Inferno’ on constant repeat. Now not that I dislike the song but when you’re walking around in your local neighbourhood going about your daily life it can get quite tiresome when nearly every passerby is belting it out at the top of their voice and it doesn’t help when they all sound like a gang of  drunk cats about to jump in to a swimming pool. I may need to do something about all this… Cheers id-iom

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We have lift off!

We have lift off!

We have lift off!


Last week I put up a walking skeleton which I’m aiming to get immortalised in ink on my arm and today we have another image which will hopefully be  recorded for posterity on my half sleeve. I’ve always liked ducks and this bad boy has just achieved lift off velocity and now the sky’s the limit! Like all the other bits we’ve done around our House of Graffiti this will only be around for a very short while before the whole place is demolished. C’est la vie…



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