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Floating Tiger Hidden Beetle

Floating Tiger
Hidden Beetle

Just like an old school 12″ record today’s piece has 2 sides and you can flip between the two to your hearts content depending on your mood. It also appears to be based on the colour orange. I know not why. It’s a nice colour. 

Side 1 features a disembodied tiger’s head floating in the air something akin to Damien Hirst’s shark. Except it’s not real and it’s got some cool Adidas style palette stripes in the background. He’s just chilling.

Side 2 features one of our demotivational posters. ‘FRANK! Just let it be!’ is a common enough refrain heard up and down the country on a Friday night. The Beatles even famously sang a song about it where the mantra of ‘Let it be’ is repeated many times. Sometimes it’s just not that easy though…

She’s on a 60 x 40cm wooden board and is made using the magic of spraypaint, stencils and imagination. Drop us a line if interested.




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Flame on!

I found what must surely be the last of our id-iom lighters that we had printed up many moons ago and was thinking how best to take an interesting picture of it and this was the best I could come up with. It’s meant to look like I’ve caught a magically in-focus shot of it whilst it’s being thrown up in the air. Of course I have neither the manual dexterity nor photographic know-how to make that happen so did they next best thing and cheated. I’m pretty pleased with the result however I’m sure it’s not too hard to guess how I did it…



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