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Dead flock lover

No, nothing to do with a necrophiliac wallpaper admirer but some kind of unconscious reaction to the Twilight saga. As it goes, my brother’s lovely ladyfriend had just been reading the Twilight trilogy and i think this had somehow permeated my sub-conscious and then finally re-appeared as this little number after some form of mental processing. Sometimes I think my brain just works on automatic a lot of the time so it’s often difficult to separate out conscious and sub-conscious factors in the creation of new work – not that i try to separate them out very often you understand but sometimes i do have to wonder…

My final flourish was a bit of glitter just to give it that extra bit of sparkle. I’m sure vampires everywhere would approve (particularly the more sensitive and effeminate ones we seem to be seeing more of these days)…



Title: Dead flock lover

Media: Acrylic, spray paint ink, newspaper, glitter, charcoal and paint pen

Size: A2


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