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A pain in the neck

This hipster is sad because he thought it would be a good idea to wear some neck rings so his peers would believe he was a cool cat who’d been travelling and, like, totally come to some mindblowing conclusions about humanity when in fact the furthest he’s really been is  a day trip to France and he did, in fact, buy his neck rings off the internet (but they’re, like, totally authentic. Guaranteed.)

Not only is he a bit of a twat but he’s just come to the shocking realisation that once a persons neck has adjusted to the neck rings they have to leave the neck rings on permanently because having them on weakens the neck muscles causing the neck to essentially not being able to support itself.  Oh dear.




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Other Peoples Graffiti (Food for Thought update)

Whilst making our way through sunny Streatham we chanced upon the boards we painted for the Streatham Food Festival last year that were still in place. There’s a couple of minor tags and what seems to be a lot of white paint that has been thrown at it. On closer inspection it would seem that the main culprit in defacing our picture is, in fact, the pigeons that live on the guttering above and have deposited their thoughts on the piece from on high. It would indeed seem that everyone is a critic.



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The Food of the Gods

The Food of the Gods

The Food of the Gods

We were asked down to Bromley for their inaugural food festival which we were more than happy to paint at. As neither of us had ever been to Bromley, the first thing we had to do was a little research to help try and come up with an idea for the design that featured both food and something Bromley related. During this stage we found out that H G Wells was born in Bromley and that was enough to get the creative juices flowing. One half of id-iom remembered that H G Wells had written a book called ‘The food of the Gods’ which he had read ages ago. Anyway after a little research we found out he was indeed right and the rest just fell in to place. Of course as two gritty urban artists we decided on painting a giant sausage covered in mustard, as you do. To add to it we were even painting in front of the house where H G Wells was born. Top that.



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Soylent Green – in store now!

Soylent Green – in store now!

Soylent Green – available now!

After being dispatched to our local corner shop to procure some Le Puy lentils for that evening’s curry I had reason to examine the dizzying array of canned food on offer in our local corner shop. Along with all the usual products they also have some particular goods that cater to the local Caribbean, Polish and Portuguese communities. It’s sometimes tricky to tell what some of the more exotic looking cans even contain. And that gave me an idea.

The 1973 film ‘Soylent Green’ starring Charlton Heston is set in a dystopian future where the earth is hugely overpopulated and there just isn’t enough food to go round. To try and solve this problem the Soylent corporation comes up with a new foodstuff called ‘Soylent Green’ which is ostensibly made from high energy plankton harvested from the world’s oceans. But that is not so, as we discover through Heston’s diligent detective work following a murder. He stumbles upon a bizarre state secret – that Soylent Green is made of people!

So, to celebrate both the incomprehensible range of cans on offer in our local shop and the 1973 film I came up with some Soylent Green cans for our local shop – complete with ingredients, nutrition information and cooking instructions. An internet search revealed that Polynesian cannibals used to call human flesh ‘longpig’ so I definitely had to include that (23% of the contents don’t you know!)



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Poet Mouse loses the plot…

Poet Mouse loses the plot…

Poet Mouse knows it was National Poety Day just the other day but he doesn’t care right at the moment. Despite the fact Poet Mouse has a gargantuan lexicon and a great knowledge of poetry both contemporary and classic he is still subject to the same earthly needs as anyone else. And when he gets hungry he gets cranky. Here we can see he has eschewed the lofty world of words to let rip with the Mouse for something like ‘snack time!’ (which doesn’t translate well into English) as he spots a tasty beetle to assuage his seemingly bottomless hunger…

The pink room at the top of House of Pain(t) is currently the emptiest in terms of work we’ve done (probably because of the number of stairs you have to climb to reach the top of the house) but we have still have a few days left before demolition so we’ll hopefully get this room a little more completed before the wrecking ball moves in…




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I’ll dance for snacks alright!

I’ve emphasised previously just how honed our womble-like instincts are these days and how we pretty much can’t say no to anything that we can possibly paint on or that could potentially be useful at some future point. To further elaborate this point we recently acquired a couple of doors that had definitely seen better days (and that are surprisingly heavy!)

After a little deliberation to decide what to get on them it was decided that the first one should be out of our door as soon as possible as it was really blocking the place up. Quite how it was decided to put a dancing bear on there i’m not entirely sure but these things are what they are. We seem to have had some had some influence from Banksy in the definition of the bear’s feet (i.e. they aren’t there) but thankfully i don’t feel that detracts from the overall message.

After carrying it a fairly short distance it was released into the wild and will probably be where it was deposited for a fair while as it definitely takes two to move these things. A prize to anyone who knows where this one is. Keep your eyes out for the next one sometime soon…




Title: I’ll dance for snacks alright

Media: Spraypaint, acrylic, ink and paint pen

Size: Found door – about 7-8 ft tall

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