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No Loitering, Smoking or Sitting on the Steps…

As bad boy urban artists there’s not much that stands in our way, especially not some passive aggressive sign trying to tell us what not to do. No loitering, no smoking or sitting on the steps. No one tells us what not to do. Take THAT sign. 

We make those kinds of rules up ourselves. And then break them anyway. That’s just the id-iom way.  




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There’s a suspicion her name may be…

Sometimes the write ups for our pictures suggest themselves. Sometimes the picture is driven by the write up. And sometimes the write up is nowhere to be seen. Today is one of those days. We’ve beaten the bushes and all we’ve come up with is some deleted intros and these perfunctory lines. I fear we may have to go back to write up school…

Anyway, let’s just get back to basics. What we do have is a classy looking lass on a messy (but hopefully pleasing) background. That much is for sure. Why we’ve painted her and what exactly she is doing there is entirely up for discussion. She’s definitely on A2 Bockingford paper with lovely rounded edges and is available to go to a good home. That is all we really definitely know. There’s a suspicion her name may be Eileen.



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Other Peoples Graffiti (Food for Thought update)

Whilst making our way through sunny Streatham we chanced upon the boards we painted for the Streatham Food Festival last year that were still in place. There’s a couple of minor tags and what seems to be a lot of white paint that has been thrown at it. On closer inspection it would seem that the main culprit in defacing our picture is, in fact, the pigeons that live on the guttering above and have deposited their thoughts on the piece from on high. It would indeed seem that everyone is a critic.



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Free. Sex. For. Onchan.


So we’ve decided to revive a bit of graffiti that was found all over the island when we were growing up and give it a little design twist. FSFO apparently meant ‘Financial Sector F**k Off’ and was daubed on walls in the 80’s purportedly in response to the increasing growth and power of the Island’s burgeoning finance sector. Personally I always preferred the other definition of the acronym- which was that it stood for ‘Free Sex for Onchan’ (which is a small town on the Island) and the idea that sexual liberation was one thing they were willing to fight for. FSFO!

I realise this picture is a little saucy but then again we are going to need it if we are going to win the campaign for ‘Free Sex For Onchan’. A notable member of the Onchan ‘new money’ set got in touch with us asking if we would help them out in this time of dire circumstances and of course we said we would. Coming from Douglas ourselves we felt we had to help out our neighbours and see if we could help turn things round for them.

Anyway, this is what we came up with for them. It is a simple yet profound piece about sex with Onchan’s new motto emblazoned proudly across the top. In fact that’s given me a thought. Maybe we should have got some rainbow colours on there?…



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Printing for Crack (For Your Eyes)

id-iom does CFYE

First up, if you aren’t already regularly reading CFYE (Crack For Your Eyes) for your daily dose of inspirational art then you should visit, look around, bookmark it and then head back here. With the preliminaries out of the way we can now get on with the main event… This little beauty was done as a small token of our gratitude for Arden (one of CFYE’s founder’s) who helped us out by updating our website with a little front page makeover while we look to giving it a complete overhaul and upgrade. It’s on textured A3 paper and features a pimped out (and black) CFYE logo complete with the id-iom certified stamp to give it that authentic touch. I can only hope he likes it…



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For the family

For the Family

Now this is our second time at painting on doors and it’s definitely worked out to be trickier than first envisaged… That’s not because I dislike painting doors it’s just that the last two we happened to womble across ended up being the biggest, heaviest and most impractical doors in existence. It’s not like you look inconspicuous walking down the street with an ultra heavy painted door so that’s why I thought i’d take the first shot in the studio and will upload another when i have the necessary manpower to get it out on the street. That said though if i keep watching The World’s Strongest Man on Channel 5 i might just give it a go solo. After a quick chat with someone yesterday we realised we haven’t done anything for Free Art Friday for a while – so this will be out on Friday. Although it will probably take a two man squad to retrieve it!

As to the picture itself it comes from a member of our family who sent through some pictures of his arm so we could design some tattoos for him, needless to say he chose all of our designs and some time early this year will be having a full sleeve tattooed of our designs. I can’t wait for that one i can tell you. Charles we salute you! Watch this space…



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