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You give love a bad name…

So as it was Valentine’s Day on Sunday we thought we’d get this up after we’d finished painting the piece we got up yesterday. It’s not particularly hard to find as we were painting in Tooting but you will need a ladder to get it. You can’t really read the text on this but it features a heart with a bullet hole and the following line from one of Bon Jovi’s seminal 80’s hits:

‘Shot through the heart and you’re to blame, darling you give love a bad name…’

Pretty fitting for Valentine’s in my view…

BONUS FACT: Bon Jovi were the last band to play at the old Wembley stadium. So there.




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I’m a C Unit

I’m a C Unit – out on the street

I’m a C Unit (front)

So I had to pop over to the East End for some paint for a big piece currently being painted at the Electric Social in Brixton and I thought to myself ‘What a perfect opportunity to do a little street drop!’ So before setting off from Brixton I packed a bag full of goodies to leave on the street for our ‘Back to the Future‘ mixtape & art project. Foolishly I only got one slate out as I somehow forgot to do the rest whilst I was enjoying the sun in a beer garden. That said one is better than none. Oh, what a C unit i am! Just wait til the other half of idiom finds out…

Anyway, the mix on the back of this piece of slate is by a good friend of id-iom’s who dj’s under the name of Rogue Fader. Even if you don’t have the chance to find the slate you can still enjoy the C Unit mix here. It should be enough to keep you amused on a Friday morning (or indeed afternoon or evening).




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