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My first poledancing lesson

The stigma against male pole dancing is a real and worrisome fact for all those involved. That’s why instead of hiring out dance studios it has now moved into a thriving underground scene where they meet at secret locations in various cities throughout the world for clandestine dance offs.

I didn’t actually get to see any action as it was the middle of the day when I took this photo but I now know what I’m doing next Friday…


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Free Art Friday – Supersized and on a Sunday!

It’s Friday, the sun is shining and the art is free. Come on down! We have prepared a whole load of stuff which is hopefully already in the clutches of our good man MyDogSighs for his upcoming Free Art Friday event in Southsea this Sunday. As far as i’m aware he has hundreds of pieces from a wide variety of artists and all you have to do to snag one is head to Southsea and grab one for yourself. It’s a foolproof plan! We’ve provided a variety of pieces (mainly on cardboard) and all come complete with the ‘id-iom certified’ stamp that guarantees authenticity. My main concern is whether i’ll be able to get down in order to snag something for myself…

Why am i always the last to know?

id-iom certified stamp

Storm Bird



Mupan in Naples

Mupan in Naples - back

You're sure i don't look stupid in this?






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Mupan takes a break…

Mupan takes a break...

Mupan takes a break...

Sometimes the stresses of modern life get a little too much and it’s imperative to take a break and recharge the batteries. Even the seemingly indefatigable Mupan needs this from time to time. So occasionally he packs his bags and heads to Naples, his favourite holiday spot on the west coast of Italy. Here we can see him in his glad-rags taking a little time out from the travails of the tourist life and lounging on one of the many conveniently placed rubbish dumps that litter (pun intended!) the streets of Naples and really take on a life of their own in summertime. He just adores it there and will definitely be back again.

As it is such a sunny day we thought we’d hit the streets for a little Free Art Friday action and get Mupan’s little memento out there for someone to find and brighten up their undoubtedly dreary day. It’s just a shame you can’t really see the glitter (in the white area of this pic) as it really sparkles in this lovely Spring sunshine.



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Free Art Friday. On a Monday. Are you mad?

On the street. On a Friday.

Whatever next? Sundays on a Wednesday? Breathe easy folks – we may be daft but we aren’t crazy. This was, in fact, put on the street and photographed on Friday but we’ve had a few gremlins interfering with the weekend works schedule and have only been able to get it on today.

We have already done a slate version of this as a get-well-soon gift for a friend but thought that a cardboard version for the street would be good too. I’m still quite proud of my ‘Nobody understands M.E’ line (given that M.E. or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as it’s also known is still largely a mystery to medical science). Good luck to her and I hope she finds a happy home. And that’s that.



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She was strange. It was Free art Friday.

She was strange

She was strange

Another Friday and another free door! I just keep finding these blasted things on the street and being such a Womble I can’t  just leave them there alone and unpainted. It’s my civic duty to take these poor neglected doors and give them a new lease of life.  This girl was strange and she made me feel strange, she just had something about her. Perhaps it was the smoky ambience she provided or maybe it was the feeling of constant unease she seemed to promote. Perhaps it was a combination of the two…

As it would be nearly impossible to identify the location from the first shot we thought it only fair to include a second shot that may give it a little more context. Although you can’t really make it out in this pic we’ve got some glitter on her lips and on some of the gold splashes. Just to give her that extra sparkle. I wonder how long this one will last…



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The Diamond Commission

The Diamond Commission - 1 of 12

Superb. Friday is here again. And to celebrate such a momentous occasion we have a new print for your perusal. We were asked to produce a print which is to be given to each member of a hardworking team of tradesmen on completion of a building project. As I’m currently right in the middle of my black single screen obsession (well, two if you count the ‘id-iom certified’ stamp) it seemed pretty obvious what i was going to produce. As diamonds are both tough and valuable I thought they’d make an ideal subject for my design and so set to work. After a little design and some messing round with screens I had managed to produce 12 copies of ‘The Diamond Commission’. They are currently with our framer but should be back ready for distribution in the next few days. I hope they like them…



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