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Self service child minder unit

Bemoaning the lack of affordable local child care seems to be something of a popular pastime for many of the young mums I know so I’m glad to see that the local council has decided to do something about it. They’ve had a multi-departmental brainstorming session and the self service child minder units are their experimental outcome. Simply deposit your child in one of the marked units and then retrieve them after work. It’s as simple as that. And it’s free. Although it should be noted that overnight stays are prohibited. I, for one, applaud this brave new move in domestic frugality…




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Love don’t live here anymore

Love don’t live here anymore

So there I was minding my own business and quietly walking down the street when I see an abandoned mattress laying against the park railings. I’m sure it’s not the same for everyone  but I have always had a compulsion to write ‘Love don’t live here anymore’ on an abandoned mattress. It just seems so fitting. Abandoned mattresses aren’t the most common item of street furniture but whenever I’ve seen them they are either nowhere near home or I don’t have any paint on me. Until today.

As this was being discussed with the other half of id-iom we came up with the notion that this one is too obvious and must have been done before elsewhere. A quick internet search hasn’t revealed anything but I think I came up with it myself and i’m sticking to that. It is possible however that I have just subconsciously stolen the idea and then passed it off in my brain as my own. Who knows?



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