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Vacant obscurity

With lockdown 3.0 thrust upon us all by the powers that be Timothy is starting to feel strange. He thought all this would be over by now, that the world would be back to normal, that he could leave the oppressive flat he has been in for what seems like forever. That is not the case though sadly, instead, Timothy has had to occupy himself for close to a year and things are now starting to get weird.

He’s tuned one of his eyes to pick up QAnon conspiracies using the 5g microchip that Bill gates implanted using the covid radiating pigeons.The other he uses to watch reruns of short-lived musical police drama ‘Cop Rock’ on repeat. Between both eyes he feels like he has reached peak cognitive dissonance. This has led Timothy into a state of what he likes to call ‘vacant obscurity’. He’ll likely be this way until March…

It is A4 and made using acrylic, oil pastel and paint pen. Drop us a line if you need him to adorn some uninspiring wall…




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Blinded by the lights – id-iom x Sr. X

A while ago we got in touch with Sr. X and asked if he’d be interested in doing a collaboration with us. We’d always liked his style and thought we may well be able to have some fun with a bit of street work. After knocking a few ideas round between us we settled on the idea of a stare off using the same image of a rather angry man as our starting point and seeing where we’d end up each doing it in our own style. So, with a somewhat unnatural day of sunshine promised for Sunday we packed up the id-iomobile and set off for the East End with hope in our hearts.

We’d had to guesstimate the size of the gates based on a photo but it turns out that we’d got the measurement just about spot on. So far, so good. Once we’d made the requisite amount of mess for his face it was just a matter or adding the stencil again and getting some shading in there. Meanwhile, Sr. X was adding his signature paint splashes that give a certain  motion to the whole thing. At this point I remembered the LED’s we’d brought along so it was decided to have some laser eyes that would hopefully give the whole piece a bit of a lift when darkness fell. I’m not entirely sure how long they last but I’m hoping maybe a week or so (if they haven’t been stolen or removed by that time). I’m not sure who’s going to win the stare off but all the loser has got to look forward to is some permanent retinal damage…



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The gates to the heaven are guarded, but by whom?

Whilst we were down at the Electric Social painting the back stairs the manager came in with a lectern he’d bought off Ebay which was painted up in the colours of the Jamaican flag. Now, whilst in Brixton this is quite fitting, it doesn’t really sit with the style of the bar so we were asked if we could come up with something more fitting and we jumped at the chance.

Taking the lectern back to the id-iom lab, we ended up staring at it for a considerable amount of time before coming up with the notion that as the lectern will be used on the door at weekends it was somewhat like the gates of heaven and the divine being behind it has the power to grant you entry or to get you to sling your hook. So we came up with the idea of having an angel on one side and a devil on the other.

If you ever find yourself on the wrong side of this lectern maybe a mention of our name might get you past – then again, it might not…



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