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Hand dryer is wondering exactly what it is you’re up to…

Googly eyes are my new favourite thing. I don’t leave home without them these days. They can add a little sparkle to the dullest of days. Although I do have some concerns that it will be like when someone gets a new kitten and can’t help posting pictures of it. I fear there will be a few more googly eyed inanimate object pics before I’ve had my fill. I will, however, try to keep it to a fair minimum and ensure only the highest quality and inspirational bits of eyebombing make the grade. Here’s a hand dryer looking slightly worried about exactly what it is you’re upto…




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The weird and wonderful skeletons in my closet

It’s said that most people have a skeleton or two in their closet – but I just wasn’t sure what mine were or even where the closet was for that matter.

With that in mind I went searching for them and, lo and behold, what did i find after about 4 hours looking for them? I find this merry lot that’s what. Now usually the connotations of having skeletons in the closet is a bad thing but not for me it would seem. They were all very charming, chatty and willing to talk for as many hours as you’d engage them on just about any subject from the current state of the music industry (which somehow they seemed very clued up on) to the implications of harnessing solar energy for future missions to the edge of the galaxy (their knowledge on this subject left a little to be desired).

Anyway I had a lovely time with my skeletons and plan to show them off to anyone who wishes to see them and that’s why I painted this quick picture of them to show people what you will get if you ever have the chance of seeing them in person. For some reason which I still can’t figure out though there was also a bear like creature in there as well, I’m not entirely sure why he was in there but hopefully more chat with them will reveal all…



Title: The weird and wonderful skeletons in my closet
Materials: Acrylic, paint pen, spray paint, charcoal and googly eyes
Size: A2
Please email if interested

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