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Gravitas – Back to the Future mixtape project

Gravitas mixtapge slate – ‘let the beat see the street’

Gravitas mixtape slate – front

Gravitas mixtape slate – back

As we found ourselves in sunny Southsea on the weekend and knew we’d be hanging with the king of free art drops, MyDogSighs, we thought we’d best take a little something down to distribute. What better than a new instalment of our ‘Back to the Future’ mixtape project which sees us combine our two of our loves – music and street art. Our initial plan was to get some new mixes together, burn them on CD and then put them out on the street with some exclusive slate cover art. This will soon be followed by mixes from a (hopefully) eclectic range of other Djs.

Along with the legend ‘Gravitas’ (meaning seriousness or dignity) we have a couple of curious cats who have managed to make an appearance and peek interestedly round the slate. I haven’t really got a more in depth explanation than that currently… As were strolling down the promenade the pier came into view and we had a natural photo opportunity! After much fussing with placement and lying full stretch on the beach in order to get a good snap we had another piece live on street. I wonder what will happen to this one?

Free art beach drop (cheers to Korp for the photo!)

Free art beach drop (cheers to Korp for the photo!)

There’s some contact details on the back and we’re hoping that we’ll get a reply/critique/abuse via email from whoever found it and then hopefully they’ll upload it to the web and share it around for further praise/ridicule. So, if you see one of these suckers on the street feel free to take it home and then lambast us via email on our shoddy skills and poor tune selection.

We are also now open to submissions – so if you dj at all and fancy taking part just get in touch and if we like your mix then you’re in! You can find more information on our facebook page here.




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