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Johnny Omicron

We’re easily sidetracked, it appears. One half of id-iom had ventured out into the cold to scrape and blank out our previous wall as the weather was just about sunny enough. After an hour or so out there I head out to see how he’s getting on and rather than paint over the previous wall he’d decided to adapt it into something else entirely. Then I got involved. Then it got dark and we had to come back the next day to finish what we were doing. And it’s still not ready to be painted on again. Like I said, easily sidetracked. 

Anyway, if at first glance you thought this was 90’s cartoon legend Johnny Bravo then you’d be very much mistaken. For this is his second cousin twice removed Johnny Omicron. He’s twice as chatty but half as much fun. Now he’s got to go. The wall will be blanked out…




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The Virtue of Venus

The Virtue of Venus

The Virtue of Venus

As i’m sure we’re all aware, Venus is the Roman goddess of love (and also beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and desire). The Romans adapted the myths and iconography of her Greek counterpart Aphrodite to suit their own needs. Venus would later become one of the most widely referenced deities of Greco-Roman mythology as the embodiment of love and sexuality.

She wasn’t always like this though. When she was a young woman, before she had godly duties to perform, she was a little less certain of where her future lay. She was a bit socially awkward and the way she dressed and carried herself could only be described as drab and unassuming. One day however a chance encounter with a dashing young demi-god taught her what it was to love and be loved. With this awakening she blossomed into the the fun and vivacious deity we all know and love. She found she excelled at her celestial duties but still wonders what happened to that young demi-god. If only she could remember his name…



Title: The Virtue of Venus
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, ink, charcoal, spraypaint and Tipp Ex
Size: A2

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It’s all Greek to me

It's all Greek to me

It’s all Greek to me

Maps. You’ve got to love them. They can come in very useful. Although I doubt this map will be guiding anyone anywhere again. Destiny has something entirely different in store for this particular map. She’s become art.

I have to say i’m partial to an idiom or two as the name suggests and this one just fell in to my lap. There i was looking through all the maps we have and a map of Greece comes up. As i was staring at it i knew there was a piece in it but i just couldn’t quite hit the nail on the head (check that out another idiom). After a serious amount of scratching my head a germ of an idea slowly started to grow in the empty space which is meant to be filled with my brain. Now after consulting google translate and doing a bit of frantic work, hey presto, Job done!

If you can’t read Greek it says ‘It’s all greek to me! which as you guessed it is an idiom. ooooooh aren’t i a clever boy now?

It is made using acrylic and glitter. Its 48 cm x 60 cm in size and signed on reverse

Here is the Ebay link




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