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Sole sister

All Deino Grey had ever wanted was to travel the world. Her sisters had held her back this far but she’d never left home and needed to get out from under their feet so she set out to do just that. 

Her first thought was to become a singer on a cruise ship as her sisters had told her that she had a lovely singing voice (they were lying for their own nefarious purposes) but she got sacked after her first song aboard the Symphony Of the Seas. The reasons for which were never fully explained. She next tried the profession of fisherwoman but all she could ever catch was flotsam and jetsam. It was most frustrating. 

Eventually, Deino settled on saltiest of seadog professions, piracy. It turns out she just had a natural ability for it so now sails around the world taking what she wants from whomever she likes. So there. 

It’s A4 and made using acrylic, paint pen and pencil. Drop us a line to give her a new home.




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Underwater Love

What are you meant to do when you wake up with an earworm already running riot in your drowsy and somewhat discombobulated brain? In this instance the words ‘After the rain come sun, after the sun comes rain again’ were on a constant loop. It took me a good while to place the lyrics as coming from Smoke City’s eventual hit ‘Underwater Love’ (it was released in 1994 but rose to prominence when it was used in a Levi’s advert). 

In an attempt to exorcise my earworm I thought perhaps turning it into an artwork would help. It did. Thankfully the earworm no longer lives with me. Perhaps I’ve passed the earworm to you. I can only hope…

Created using the magic of spraypaint, stencils and and imagination on classy A2 Bockingford paper. Get in touch if you’d like to give her a new home… 



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In the Land of Grey and Pink

Today’s sphere has been around for quite a while now. It’s been studying earth culture since it’s appearance shortly after the first nuclear tests in the 1940’s. It was diligently doing it’s job cataloguing and analysing whatever it would come across until one fateful day in the late 60’s when it ‘accidentally’ ingested some acid with English progressive rock band Caravan whilst they were recording their critically well received but commercially unsuccessful third album ‘In the Land of Grey and Pink’. Since then all it has studied are things that are grey and pink. It’s unsure exactly what he’s studying here but he’s clearly enjoying it.

He’s on A2 and has been made using the magic of spraypaint, stencils and imagination. Drop us a line if interested…



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A sphere of some considerable influence

‘I find this work menacing/playful because of the way the disjunctive perturbation of the purity of line notates the substructure of critical thinking.’ said the The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator when I asked it about this work. A truer word has never been spoken. She’s on A3 paper, made using the magic of spraypaint and stencils and is currently available should anyone like her enough to want to take her home with them…



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This is my time to shine

This is my time to shine

This is my time to shine

After last week’s painting at UPfest we got back to London with part of the extended Jubilee weekend to spare so went about celebrating them getting a little drunk and rolling around the streets of  Brixton for far too long. After we’d peeled ourselves off the streets and gone to our respective beds we got up with sore heads and nothing to do apart from stalk around the studio looking for something to do. We finally decided to attack one of the walls with all the gusto we could muster after the aforementioned weekend.

After blanking out the wall with some nice Laura Ashley Eau de Nil paint that we got off Freecycle we jumped to work with precious little in the way of a plan. As we know ‘the devil makes work for idle hands’ and as we were doing the opposite and actually doing some ‘work’ we thought it best if we incorporated an angel into our picture. Just to be on the safe side. We got down to a bit of  hard work, if you could call it that, as it was more like two zombies throwing paint at a wall but we somehow managed to come up with the picture you see before you. ‘This is my time to shine’. Indeed. The Muse works in mysterious ways…



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Forged by the Glitter of Gold

Ah, Friday again! Where have you been hiding all week? Fresh off the block today we have the rather large ‘Forged by the Glitter of Gold’ which comes in at an impressive 100 x 70cm. Frankly, being forged by the glitter of anything is pretty good in my book but to be forged by the glitter of gold is surely top shelf all the way.
Forged by the Glitter of Gold – 100 x 70cm
The title comes from an early 20th Century rag time song which i happened to find in a box of stuff from my Grandma. It’s a shame I can’t play the piano as i’d love to have a little rattle on the old ebony and ivories of ‘Forged by the Glitter of Gold’ as with a title like that it has to be a bobby belter of a song. That said i don’t have a piano at home so i’d have to find one in a pub somewhere nearby and give all their customers something that they had never heard before. Maybe something like this. In fact this guy is probably a little to good for me.



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After realising the wall we had done the ‘Team id-iom bananeira‘ on was due to be demolished we thought we’d best take full advantage of the British summer and get indoors to do a little work to escape the ‘humidity’ outside. I wanted to do a piece i’ve been thinking about for a while which I think must have come about after reading Seven for a secret by Clive Woodall – which features the trials and tribulations of a little bird as it goes about trying to save the animal kingdom from man’s pernicious influence.

This one seems to work on a couple of levels. There is the literal view that the choices we offer wildlife often come down to destruction via poisons, shooting or pollution – which is, of course, no choice at all. There is also the view that the vulnerable little bird is a metaphor for people and the choices we often make for ourselves/our societies – be it drugs (hence ‘X’ which i hear is a popular term for ecstasy in the US), drink (hence ‘gasoline’ which always makes me think of this scene from the film ‘Top Secret!’) or violence.

That probably doesn’t make much sense but at least it keeps me happy. That’s enough thinking for today. Pass the Special Brew!




Work in progress shots


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