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A Daughter of the North

She dangerous! She’s deceptive! She’s deadly! She’s a Daughter of the North for sure. You may have seen her once but you’d never recognise her again. They are legion. When the nation calls an enigmatic and elusive Daughter of the North is sure to answer. And roll opening credits. 

That would be my pitch for my imaginary TV series ‘A Daughter of the North’. Think somewhere between Breaking Bad and Sons Of Anarchy but set in wartime UK. Oh bugger. I’ve just come up with a parallel universe version of Peaky Blinders haven’t I? Great minds and all that…

‘A Daughter of the North’ is on A4 paper and has been made using the magic of hot foil printing, acrylic and smoke. She’s available via our online shop or by dropping us a message. 




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What’s the song? (cryptic stencilling edition)

Do you know what happens when I’m left alone for too long. This. This is what happens. I happened upon the heart stencil whilst doing a small tidy of my paint area. It had slipped down the back of the table. Pesky stencil. Upon realising what stencil it was my brain did some kind of paradigm shift and unleashed an earworm upon me. Now I’m attempting to bring that earworm to you through the medium of cryptic stencilling. Once I’d knocked up a quick gun stencil I was good to go. So, which 80’s karaoke classic am I trying to get across here? Answers on a postcard. And if i’m lucky you’ll have it bouncing round your head all day. I’m all heart sometimes…



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Paid in full

It’s funny isn’t it? I’d say I wasn’t really a fan of poetry (although there are exceptions) but I can probably sing you hundreds of rap songs and whilst it’s debatable that rap and poetry – whilst sharing many of the same attributes – aren’t the same thing for the sake of a shorter write up they may as well be. And one of my favourite musical poems is Eric B & Rakim’s ‘Paid in Full’ from their eponymous 1987 debut album. So here’s a little homage to that paean to urban survival featuring a ‘stick-up kid’ and his face of grim resolve. As Eric B and Rakim so eloquently put it:

So I start my mission, leave my residence
Thinkin’ how could I get some dead presidents
I need money, I used to be a stick-up kid
So I think of all the devious things I did

I used to roll up, this is a hold up, ain’t nuthin’ funny
Stop smiling, be still, don’t nuthin’ move but the money
But now I learned to earn ‘cuz I’m righteous
I feel great, so maybe I might just



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Skin and Bones – We got a gun!

In my continuing efforts to drum up some interest in the zombie book I’ve written I’ve done another small artwork based on it. Here we can see that they’ve finally got a gun. Now, I’m not entirely sure of the real world use of a gun in most zombie situations as it surely just attracts more of them to your location – which is the last thing you want – but it’s definitely a good backup. In this instance they are taking some revenge and trying to find their friend. Don’t worry too much as they are mostly doing it from the confines of an armoured Range Rover. Here’s a little taster:

“Eventually the car finds it’s way to the cricket pitch and they drive a slow circuit around the outside of the ground. I want to jump up and signal their attention but something tells me to be wary. They pull up beside the bonfire just as one of the school kid zombies from earlier emerges onto the south edge of the field. The driver guns the engine and the Range Rover pulls forward on a collision course with the zombie. I can hear the sickening crunch of bone even from my position some distance away.”



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We come in peace…

‘We come in peace, shoot to kill!’. Lines immortalised by ‘Captain Kirk’ in the Firm’s 1987 hit ‘Startrekkin’. Now, whilst that song has thankfully been swallowed by the sands of time the sentiment expressed in those lines is still very much alive and well. It’s cats. They think like that.

Cats are inscrutable little suckers. Even at the best of times there’s just no telling what they’re thinking. When you think they’re being friendly they’re probably just demanding food or threatening to kill you. And if ever they do get opposable thumbs then we’re probably in for some serious trouble. I, for one, welcome our new cat overlords…



Title: We come in peace…
Materials: Spray paint, stencils, paint pen and watercolour paint on a section of map
Size: 50 x 45cm
Please email if interested

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It’s more fun in Switzerland!

It’s more fun in Switzerland!

After digging round in the attic at our family home I came across a box containing some items that belonged to our long lost Uncle Lou. Apparently he was something of a womaniser and a card-sharp and would ever be in search of the next loose woman and dodgy card table. He mysteriously disappeared on a trip to the local butchers one day and all they ever found of him was his rusty sheriff’s badge (which he always wore). He left behind a box of mementos and this is a little something from one of his jaunts around Europe in the late 60’s and looks to be an annotated map of his adventures. It appears it involved lots of women, drink and skiing…

I’ve never actually been to Switzerland myself but I have plenty of friends who have and they all seem to really enjoy the place. I’m pretty sure I would enjoy the skiing and cheese aspect of a visit there but it’s been many years since I wore a timepiece and I’m not a massive fan of chocolate so they couldn’t really impress me on that front. Anyhow I’d still give it a go as apparently ‘It’s more fun in Switzerland!’ and I’d be willing to see if it lives up to the claim.

Working on maps is really rather enjoyable and this piece has been lovingly created on a large vintage motoring map of the region. She features at least 12+ different screen print levels (including our id-iom seal of approval), hand-done red hand-stitching around the Swiss border, many stencils and a load of hand annotation in paint pen (not done by me as my writing isn’t neat enough!) If that wasn’t enough it also features the Transformer Soundwave about to steal a load of ‘energon’ from the Large Hadron Collider on the Swiss border. Naughty Transformer!

For further information about us and what we get up to you can visit our flickr page and we’re also on twitter (@thisisidiom).



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F*@k this for a game of soldiers

F*@k this for a game of soldiers

F*@k this for a game of soldiers

Another piece in the id-iom demolition sale and it’s starting at just 99p. Here’s the Ebay link

War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again! – so sang Edwin Starr in 1970 on the anti-Vietnam song ‘War’ (which, i was interested to learn was originally recorded by The Temptations but not released as they didn’t want to alienate their more conservative fans). Whilst i have a lot of respect for our armed forces and the work they do it is generally political forces which dictate what they do and when – and this can sometimes lead to questionable decisions being made regarding their deployment. That’s all i really want to say on the issue as i think this piece largely speaks for itself…

A single level screen print with hand finishing. It’s A3 in size and signed on the reverse



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Eros’ Love Revolver

Eros‘ Love Revolver

First up I think I need to apologise for the shoddy photograph. Photgraphy has never been a strong point of mine and doesn’t look like becoming so any time soon. Right, now that’s dealt with we can move onto the picture. This stencil was actually lost in a huge pile of paper and only came to light when we were beginning to clear out the studio. I had idly wondered where it had got to but was glad to finally find it and felt it deserved to be put up in the house which it had been hiding in for so long.

Anyway, it’s clearly Eros reaching for his love revolver as he prepares to loose off a couple of love bullets at some unsuspecting but soon-to-be lovestruck star crossed lovers. Let’s hope his aim is true…



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Stand your ground

Stand your ground

Stand your ground


We’ve used this stencil before for a commission on a wall in someone’s house but as we had only used it once and we need to fill all the walls in our studio building we decided to whip it out once again. This time though we thought we would try something a little different and incorporate a little thread to give the impression that the gun is going off.

The reason this came into being was because of articles I’ve read concerning America’s gun laws and specifically the shooting and subsequent death of black teenager Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman in a gated community in Florida in February.

George Zimmerman was legally carrying a concealed weapon when he shot Trayvon Martin and was released Under Florida’s “stand your ground” policy, Mr Zimmerman was initially freed without charges, but due to outcry from many that included street protests which reminded many of the civil rights movement years before. This brought about the police chief being sacked and the prosecutor resigning. The stand your ground law expands on a centuries-old British legal principle that permits the use of deadly force in self-defence of your own home and also grants immunity from arrest, detention and prosecution. Due to the public outcry, six weeks later Mr Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder and is currently out on bail  awaiting trial.

Professor Mark Hoekstra of Texas A&M University in Houston said making the use of deadly force permissible has come at a price. He studied its effect in 21 states:

“In terms of homicides, what we show…there is about an 8% increase in the homicide rate caused by these laws…that is about 600 additional homicides per year.”

Being from the UK we can only watch this kind of case and wonder. What on earth would London be like if people were legally carrying concealed weapons? We seem to have enough trouble as it is never mind if anyone over the age of 18 could legally buy themselves a gun…

Here’s a link to one of the articles on the BBC website.



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