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I got you didn’t I? Punch yourself in the arm and we’ll call it quits. Do people even play the circle game anymore? Given the stupidity of the game I think we can safely assume that it’s only the male part of the population who have ever played. If you know then it needs no explaining and if you don’t then that’s what the internet is for. That’s it for today…




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Well handy

First up this week on eBay is ‘Well handy’. Click the link below to check it on eBay:


In the great British tradition of sarcasm this one is dedicated to all the people out there who are about as much use as a concrete trampoline. So there I was in the studio when I found myself at the top of a ladder and in need of a bit of assistance. It just so happened that a couple of people were visiting at the time to check out a couple of our new pieces and have a beer. Anyway due to my precarious position I didn’t bother to turn round when I asked for help as I just thought one of them would hear and come to my aid. No joy.

After a further 30 seconds of struggling I could still hear them behind me so I shouted for help this time but still to no avail. After finally downing tools and climbing down I swung round to give these layabouts a piece of my mind when I realised they had headphones on and chatting happily whilst playing Call of Duty. Nice one. Cheers for the assist there…



Title: Well Handy
Materials: Watercolour pencil, ink, paint pen and pastel
Size: A4

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Best supporting character

In the murky and somewhat contradictory world of id-iom this design was originally going to be a background element for another larger wall design. That design has not thus far come to pass so I thought she deserved a solo outing on her own before she’s slips into obscurity as just another supporting character.

On a side note I have something else to confess. I’m slightly obsessed with putting stripes on stuff currently. It’s hard to explain why and I’m sure I’ll snap out of it but, for now at least, they’re straight and they’re proud and they’re here to stay. She’s on A2 paper, is made using the magic of stencils and spraypaint and is currently available. Drop us a line if interested…



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I know words. I have the best words.

Sometimes Donald Trump is difficult to ignore. Not only is he President of the USA but he loves to tweet like a madman on ephedrine. He’s come out with many cromulent quotes designed to embiggen his own reputation and has even delved into the world of neology with such memorable words as ‘schlonged’ and, of course, ‘covfefe’, which is admittedly probably a typo but when you’re President you’ve got to watch our for such things as spelling.

Once you combine this with his opulent orange permatan, luxurious thatch of downy hair and tiny hands then you’ve definitely got a character worthy of some id-iom attention. The main quote used was from 2013 Twitter tirade and is, of course, about the man himself but I had to incorporate my second favourite quote ‘I know words. I have the best words’ which really elaborates on his eloquence.

He’s lasercut on wood then lovingly hand painted. As it’s the Trumpster I saw fit to include some gold paint, silver leaf, sequins, crystal resin and some pilfered logos. And there you have it. Drop us a line if interested.



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So, it turns out that if you give a man (well, me specifically) access to a laser cutter this is the kind of magical little trinket you can expect him to produce with his first run of successful cutting. I’m a little smitten with this device at the moment. It may become obvious. If I’d ever paid attention as to how to use vector based graphics programmes it probably wouldn’t have been quite so much of an achievement – but I haven’t so it was. I’ve had this sketch of the eponymous Keef pulling some complicated hand signs on my computer for quite a while now so it was nice to finally get to use it for something. I just hope he thinks the same when he gets his new keyring…




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The Band in Hand

With some new soundproofing being constructed to go over the windows in the back room of our local boozer they needed us to add a touch of id-iom design magic so it would also function as a sign to let people know a band night was on and which way the entrance is (it’s an old pub so has 3 possible entrances – only one of which actually opens). A couple of design variations later and we were left with the bearded hipster style guy staring imperiously at you along with a couple of Band in Hand logo’s and the yellow and white arrows. It’s pretty clean and straight forward all things considered. I think I need to go and make a proper mess somewhere now…



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