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The Solace of Anger

The Solace of Anger

The Solace of Anger

I was back home recently when I found two old canvases that had tea cups printed on them. I do like a good cup of tea so this alone was enough to get the creative juices flowing. In fact they were already hitting me like a tsunami due to the fact that I had been out drinking with that not-so-lovable rogue of immense proportions – Sir Asmund Quayle (the patron saint of id-iom whether we want him or not). So, basically, I just found a canvas whilst dealing with my hangover.

It just so happened my mum was going out to run a few errands which meant it was time for me to put my feet up and grab 40 winks but all to soon I heard her car in the driveway so had to action myself swiftly. I dashed to where I had previously set up all the paints and started throwing paint about. I didn’t want to seem like a layabout after all.

Anyway my mother then made us both a cup of tea and sat with me saying she ‘enjoys watching the process’ and the rest is history. Thankfully, after a while, I seemed to forget the hangover and just enjoyed the painting. As an aside, I hoped that Sir Asmund was feeling worse that me but I later found out he was up with the larks that morning building fancy sandcastles on the beach – which he’d then smash with a spade – much to the amusement of the sundry passersby. It sounded like fun. He’s such an insufferable dolt but a man close to my heart.




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