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Happy go lucky

Happy go lucky

Happy go lucky

According to the internet to be ‘happy go lucky’ is to be cheerfully unconcerned about the future. Which sounds like a nice, but tricky to achieve, frame of mind to be in. The text is taken from a book called ‘Agent ZigZag’ which is about Eddie Chapman, one of Britain’s most successful double agents during WWII, who surely must have been able to muster this devil-may-care attitude to be able to operate the complicated double life that he lead. Convincing the Germans that you’ve sabotaged the de Havilland factory when in fact you’ve faked the whole thing must be pretty satisfying – especially when you get cash and a yacht for doing so. Anway, this fella has pulled off something similar and despite the fact he looks a little moody, is in fact just about to break into a huge smile as soon as your back is turned, But til then he’s going to give you his luck of steely determination whilst mentally he’s already thinking about spending his ill gotten gains.



Title: Happy go lucky
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, spray paint, copied documents and charcoal
Size: A2


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