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Graffiti is a piece of cake

We are id-iom and we like idioms. There, I’ve said it. Sometimes we’re not quite so literal but today we are and there’s not much you can do about it. Here we have ‘Graffiti is a piece of cake’. Now we all know that ‘a piece of cake’ to mean a very easy task or accomplishment and graffiti to be the act of spray painting a wall. What do you get when you combine the two? You get a nice slice of cake. Plus a small stencilled fly.

In all fairness though painting freehand with spray cans is actually rather difficult. So, in a rather contradictory way I’m going to suggest reading to the end of this post and then forgetting you ever read it. It’ll be better that way. Just retain the image of the nice slice of cake. And try to forget about the fly that’s messing with your cherries. 

As an addendum to today’s post, my research – which consisted of putting the words ‘Graffiti piece of cake’ into Google – revealed the world of graffiti cakes. They’re a thing. Seriously. Check it out yourself. What kind of world do we live in?




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Love Comes Hard

Love Comes Hard

Love Comes Hard

Now I think this piece can be taken in either one of two ways:

1) It is in reference to the fact that the subject finds it incredibly difficult to love or be loved

2) It is in reference to the fact that when the subject eventually hits the heady heights of orgasm it hits them like a freight train and they writhe around like they’ve electrocuted with an ecstatic rictus grin plastered on their frightening looking mug.

As it stands i’m probably leaning towards the idea that she finds it near impossible to find love but looking at those eyes it’s difficult to be sure…



Title: Love Comes Hard
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, ink, charcoal and Tipp Ex
Size: A4

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Cling to the Rock

Cling to the Rock

Cling to the Rock (Crest detail)

This piece was a commission for a fellow Manx compatriot living in London – so truth be be told this was a fun one to do as we know just the kind of thing us humble islanders like. The idea behind this one is pretty simple as they say the Isle of Man is just 80,000 alcoholics clinging to a rock in the middle of the Irish Sea. Which is completely untrue. Only about 72,000 are alcoholics…

As you can tell we’ve really gone to town on this piece and done plenty of screen printing, a little embroidery and some hand work & distressing – for that ‘found in an attic’ aged look. We’ve seen fit to include Blinky the fish (from the Simpsons) as Sellafield (a nuclear reprocessing plant) is pretty much exactly opposite us on the Cumbrian coast and has always been a cause for concern for those living on the Island. We’ve included some mysterious map co-ordinates that should hopefully have a little meaning to the recipient along with various other elements (like the triskele and ambigram in the bottom right corner) which should hold some intrigue for him. I’m also still slightly obsessed with the distressed looking crests so am particularly proud of how they’ve come out.

Cling to the Rock ( To remember list)


Cling to the Rock (To visit list detail)

In fact, the biggest shame about this piece is the fact that we forgot to take pictures before we sent it to the framer so most of the shots we have (obviously!) feature a lot of reflections and don’t really do it any justice. Oh well, you live and learn. On the plus side though we’ve really enjoyed working on maps so expect more before too long…



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