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The Polar Bear Winter Retreat

The Polar Bear Winter Retreat

The Polar Bear Winter Retreat

We’ve all seen the nature programs where polar bears come in to towns during the summer in the arctic circle looking for food. But what do they do during the winter months? Well if you believe these nature documentaries you’ll think that they spend a large time hibernating waiting for those glorious warm rays of sunshine to come again. But alas that is not entirely true, they do actually go in to burrows and look like they are going to hibernate but in fact sneak out the other side and scurry away to the luxury polar bears winter retreat. Here they lounge about frittering time on the internet, reading the latest novels, drinking cocktails and generally having a good time away from prying eyes. That is until the seasons over and they have to go back to the real world. What a life!!



Title: The Polar Bear Winter Retreat
Materials: Paint pen,pencil, ink and watercolour
Size: A4


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