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When the trumpet sounds

Apparently, in the Book of Revelations, seven trumpets are sounded to herald a prophesied apocalyptic event. Upon the sound of the first trumpet, hail and fire mingled with blood is thrown to Earth, burning up a third of the trees on the planet, and all green grass. Thankfully this is not that trumpet. This trumpet contains a genie that looks very much like trumpet virtuoso Clifford Brown. When you hit the right sequence of notes the genie will appear and grant you one jazz based wish. The trumpet’s current whereabouts are unknown although it’s strongly suspected to be owned by Judi Sheppard Missett who just happens to be the founder of Jazzercise. Work it out for yourself… 

As I’m currently moving house I don’t have my usual tools of the trade with me. What I did manage to grab whilst packing was my unopened Scrawlrbox that I had got through Upfest. Scrawlrbox is a subscription service that sends you a box every month with some art supplies in so you can have a play around with some new techniques and ideas. The box I went for included some tri-blend markers (essentially fancy felt tips) and some other bits to get me going. And this is what you end up with. 




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Taking the bull by the horns

Apparently the phrase ‘to take the bull by horns’ originated in the American West where it would be an everyday practice for cowhands to have to control bulls and steers (young bulls) although if i’m honest that had very little bearing on this piece. I just thought it was a particularly fitting name…

Anyway I just love working on slate. It looks great and has such a tactile quality so expect more to come.



Title: Taking the bull by the horns

Media: Screenprint and spraypaint

Size: 40 x 12 cm piece of slate

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Tarquin the Gay Unicorn

We got Tarquin from our local pub in Brixton and were asked to jazz him up a little as he was looking slightly sad and forlorn on the spirits shelft next to a half empty bottle of Midori. We took him back to the lab and one operation later we have the sparkled magnificence of Tarquin the Gay Unicorn. I think it was all bottled up inside but he’s back on track now. He will look resplendent now when he once again adorns the spirit shelf. He even has glitter and glow in the dark on him! Oh yeah, he’s magical now…

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