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Three go on an adventure

Pippa and Tom decide they require some extra income so come up with the plan of renting out their spare room. After advertising it on the internet for a couple of weeks they’ve strangely had just the one reply and so grudgingly decide to see the only respondent. He’s dressed oddly but seems affable and chatty enough and they could really do with the money so they agree that he can move in.

After he’s been there just a few days they spontaneously decide to take some holiday and embark on a uncharacteristically dangerous adventure with their new housemate Lucifer. They’d no sooner reached their destination in the distputed borderlands of Pakistan and Afghanistan when things start to go awry. It now appears increasingly unlikely that they’ll all be making it back from their little sojourn intact. What on earth went wrong?

Unfortunately Pippa and Tom failed to perform due diligence on their new housemate who just happened to be the devil incarnate. If only they’d checked his references before jumping to sign him up then perhaps they wouldn’t be in this situation. Here ends the lesson.




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