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The hungry hummingbird

Never ones to turn down a challenge we were asked to step a little outside our comfort zone and to paint up a recently purchased Asgard bike shed with a wraparound wildflower meadow scene featuring a hummingbird. Okay then. Game on. 

First up we had to come up with a design they were happy with and it’s funny how sometimes things are easy to design but tricky to paint. That should probably be a memo to self. Next up – the fun part. With the shed disassembled we got to work throwing some paint around. After a few furious hours, we had to stop due to rain but when we got back to it it all seemed to fall slowly into place. Whack a fancy little hummingbird on there and some varnish and you’re good to go. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?




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As you can probably tell by the fact she has a kingfisher nestled on her shoulder and two lovely little hummingbirds racing to taste the nectar of the blossoming lily she’s leaning in to sniff this lady is at one with nature. She has communed with her environment and found that she is now so in tune with her biorhythms and the natural cycle of life that she can talk with the animals just like Dr Doolittle. I’m only joking. She took some pretty strong acid about an hour ago and now thinks exclusively in smells and colours and can, as far as she’s concerned, converse with the imaginary birds and flowers that are crowding round her. Also, she thinks she’s leaning in to sniff the flower like Michael Jackson with his anti-gravity lean in the Smooth Criminal video.  That’s just how muddled she is. I guess the moral of the story is that things aren’t always what they seem. Or something like that.

She’s was made using the magic of acrylic paint, paint pen, stickers and charcoal on a large (A1 size) bit of coloured paper. She will surely look magnificent when framed up. If you’re interested drop us a line…



Title: Flutter
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, stickers and charcoal
Size: A1

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When hummingbirds fall in love

We had already done a version of this for a client in New York who contacted us asking for another one as they’d had to give the last one away to pay for an emergency plumber! Apparently when the plumber came round he was smitten by the piece and kept looking at it and rather than ask for any money for sorting out the flooding issue he’d been called in for he asked if he could have the picture as payment. As the flooding was apparently quite severe (and he would have cost an absolute fortune) it was agreed to give him the framed version of this in payment for his services. A call was then put in to us as the piece was sorely missed and we were asked if we could come up with a replacement. A couple of weeks later and we now have the final product ready to ship out. If only all problems were so easily solved.

Anyway, who would have guessed that plumbers were interested in the love lives of hummingbirds?




Title: When Hummingbirds Fall in Love

Media: handcut stencils and spraypaint

Size: 100 x 40cm on thick watercolour paper

SOLD – Commission

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