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Now we here at id-iom don’t follow the traditional working week and that is why we have our 4th installment of Insect Week a few days after our third, we like to keep people guessing.

What can I tell you about Woody that you won’t already know? He has many names depending on where in the country you come from. Chiggywig, Timber Cow, Grandad Gravy, Cheesybug, Monkeypig, Slater, Crunchy Bat, Parson’s Pig and many, many more. He goes by them all. A man of mystery – and more…

What else? Well, for one, he’s a proper tea leaf and will nick anything that isn’t nailed down. Literally anything. He was once the household pet of Ed Sheeran but ended up being handed in to animal welfare because he kept complaining loudly, to Ed, that all his songs sounded the same. He also nicked Ed’s favourite socks before he left..

So  there you go. Forewarned is forearmed. He’s also actually a crustacean in case you were wondering. Woody is A3 in size and made using charcoal, acrylic and oil paint. Drop us a line if you’d like him to adorn your walls.




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The Ladybird and the Leaf

Insect Week day 3 and we’re back to Ladybirds – which are funny little things. In English they’ve been called ladybird, ladybug, lady beetle, lady clock, lady cow and lady fly. Apparently the name references the fact that the ladybird is red and so was the Virgin Mary’s dress when pictured in the Middle Ages. But that’s not what today’s mural is all about. 

Today’s tale is a story as old as time, ladybird loves leaf but unfortunately that love is not reciprocated. An epic chronicle of love, longing, hunger, revenge and everything in between that spans the generations. Imagine Game of Thrones with ladybirds and you’re pretty much there. No one is getting out alive. That’s all I’ve got apart from this lovely mural but you’ve got to admit it would make a good show… 



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It’s day 2 of Insect Week here at id-iom and today it’s the turn of the UK’s largest beetle – the  mighty stag beetle. It is now accepted that stag beetles, whilst of an interesting design, are harmless to humans – but it didn’t always be this way. According to British folklore they were capable of summoning thunder and lightning and even flew around with hot coals in their jaws setting fire to buildings! Now if that isn’t slander right there then I don’t know what is. It’s downright rude. In an effort to rectify this we’ve started legal proceedings against British folklore on behalf of all stag beetles. Until then all we’ve got to hold your attention is a picture of a very regal looking stag beetle called Gatsby. 

If you need Gatsby adorning your wall then his critical dimensions are 21 x 29.5 cm (A4) and he’s been created using the magic of acrylic and paint pen. Just drop us a line and we can make it so… 



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Darren the moth

Crystal resin close up

Crystal resin close up

Darren was a just a moth like any other until the day he flew into an MOD research wing and quaffed some of the brightly coloured sugary liquid he found sitting on a lab desk. This seemed to displease a nearby lab assistant and after being chased around the lab for almost an hour he somehow managed to escape despite feeling very tired and somewhat ill. He wisely decided to retire to his little moth bed for the night.

In the morning he looked in the mirror and emitted a loud squeak (for that is what Death’s Head moth’s do) in surprise at what he saw. He was twice the size – with bulging wing muscles, had grown wing mounted cannons and a new sensor array and now looked resplendent in his strange new black and yellow livery. A strange feeling washed over him that perhaps this was his destiny. He decided there and then to raise an insect army and seize control of the state. We have a new enemy amongst us…

Mixed media piece on 24×30″ canvas. My favourite touch which doesn’t really come across too well on the photo is the crystal resin I’ve poured over the top which makes it look like there’s water dripping down the piece. If you’re interested in it then drop us a line…



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