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The last line of defence (id-iom featuring Invader)

We’ve done a little interaction with this Invader piece before (see the video at the bottom of the post) but the buff man got it within a couple of days. Ah well, c’est la vie. Anyway, this piece is perhaps one of the most obvious interactions you could do with an Invader piece although a quick look on the internet revealed that, surprisingly, no one has come up with this little punchline before (as far as I can tell). So, after a particularly quick stencil cutting session it was time to get into town and get it done. I doubt whether this will last very long either but only time will tell.

Once we were all done there was only the inter id-iom Space Invaders challenge on the GameBoy to sort the men from the boys. Unfortunately I can’t reveal who the loser was…




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Exclusive video of alien abduction!

It has taken a little while and a lot of effort but we finally have exclusive video evidence of  an alien abduction!  This video was apparently shot in London late last year and whilst we still have the footage unfortunately the cow has never been seen again…

If you never hear from us again however you’ll know the men in black were sent after us but i’m not going to be frightened into non-disclosure about my UFO experience. The internet needs to know! Now whilst I’m not sure exactly what they use the cows for I can only hope they are spirited away to bovine nirvana or perhaps just get to drive round the universe gazing out the window and ruminating on the futility of existence. Only the cow knows for sure…



And the final shot of the cow just before she disappeared forever:

Big respect for my man DWTV for being brave enough for passing the footage on. Your sacrifice will always be remembered!

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Space invaders stole my cow!

UFO’s. We’ve all seen one (haven’t we?) We know they can make crop circles, traverse the skies at lightning speeds and steal both humans and livestock to experiment on… Well, we now have proof (of sorts!)

We don’t really get into the centre of London all that often so i was quite surprised when i came across a large Space Invader piece (as they usually tend to be quite small) on the side of a car park just off New Oxford street. It didn’t take too long for inspiration to strike and so once we’d come up with a suitable design we headed back down to complete our nefarious plan. I was quite surprised that this idea hadn’t been done before by somebody – but after a little bit of intenet research it would appear that it hasn’t…

Looking back we could probably have done it a bit quicker if we’d actually worked out a proper plan beforehand but i suppose hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Anyway if you see Invader tell him i want my cow back…



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