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Jealousy – 5 months on…

Just thought we’d get our last couple of bits out so we could start afresh in 2011. We did ‘Jealousy‘ in late summer and revisited it at Christmas and i really liked the way it looks like it’s aging so thought we’d put up a graffiti archaeology shot. Hopefully it will be looking more decrepit next time we get to visit.




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Jealousy – graffiti by id-iom

I think i’m finally getting a bit of a better idea of how to work the video editing software which is definitely a good thing. We have already done a post on Jealousy (see here) but i have now managed to work the video into something watchable. Our green eyed monster was a quick hit (well – quick for us at about 45 minutes) on an abandoned wall. He’s about 8ft tall and definitely has something of a worrying look in his eyes…



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Whilst nosing around we found a nice little couple of walls to work on so decided to set to work. ‘Jealousy’ is about 8 foot tall and we managed to get it done surprisingly quickly (well, for us anyway!)

Jealousy – stage 1

Jealousy – final

Whilst having a look around the site we found a broken and rusted window frame which i though would look good if hung on a nail with a stencil behind it. Hey presto! A couple of minutes later and this is what we had.

3 legs – framed

Bird behind bars – framed

Whilst I was stood there with a stencil in my hand when i realised what a nice silhouette it made on the wall. After a couple of attempts we got these shots which i like.

Bird silhouette

For this second one i got out the second part to the stencil (which is the body of the bird) and then sprayed that on the wall and then held the other stencil over it to get the silhouette. The thing i like most about this one is that the red stencil will look odd on the wall on it’s own and nobody will be able to work out it’s signifcance…



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