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Just Why?

Why am I always the last to know? (Yellow)

Why am I always the last to know? (Blue)

Only after making these pieces did I realise how much like 80’s movie poster’s they are. They remind me of ‘Weekend at Bernie’s‘ or ‘Better Off Dead‘ or some other long forgotten 80’s gem. I could probably write the plot summary to go with them but unfortunately I have better things to do today.

Oh, go on then: “Sometimes. Just sometimes, you feel like everyone else knows something you don’t. And when you find out what it is you realise how far down the grapevine you really are. Take Chet Barker, he’s a jobbing actor working in the seedier side of Hollywood who takes every underpaid and dermoralising job his ‘agent’ can find for him and he attacks them with the all the gusto of a farmboy fresh from the country. He’s about to realise what a dog eat dog world the Hollywood acting industry really is… Featuring Judge Reinhold as Chet, Eddy Murphy as his agent (and pimp-at-large)and with some truly remarkable cameos this is hilarious fun for all the family.”

Well i’d probably watch it at least. It couldn’t be any worse than Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow




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