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No Wi-fi – No Gods – No Masters

It’s been a tough year all round. George here used to be like you and I until the pandemic crept up on us. Now he lives by different rules. He’d had enough of the 5g covid pigeons, maskers, vaxxers, people who didn’t like electro swing and, most importantly, people who didn’t believe in the new messiah Donald J Trump. After that it was all too easy for George to leave society behind.

So he decided to prepare for the future he knew was coming. George found a bit of land in the most remote part of the planet possible. He didn’t pick Hawaii or New Zealand though as he thought Bill Gates might have a compound there like all the other tech CEO’s. He picked the Pitcairn Islands as they were giving away free land to entice new community members (he should probably have looked into why) and he needed as much money as possible to build the treehouse he had planned so he could live in solitude amongst nature. Now he sits alone in his treehouse amongst the birds. No wi-fi – No gods – No masters. Although he did wish he’d brought a bit more food with him as he only had one Chewit left…




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We’ll have some quiet!

‘The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts’ is a quote from CS Lewis that is surely as true today as it was when he came out with it. Anyway, take these two young teachers, they look eager to inspire little minds and ‘irrigate deserts’ right? Wrong! They’d much rather be enjoying a couple of drinks in the nearest pub than trying to teach a screaming gang of 7 year olds how to do their times tables. If you could read their minds I’m pretty sure all you’d see was the mental calculation as they estimated how many more hours of work they’ll have to do before their next holiday…



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King of the Swingers

So this is the second piece we did for a friend’s child and with this one we thought we’d go for something he may hopefully appreciate when he gets a little older as he’s currently under 1 and it’s difficult to know exactly what people that small really like when it comes to art appreciation. We were told he likes monkeys (who doesn’t?) and as soon as I was told that the lyrics from the Jungle Book’s ‘I wanna be like you’ popped in to my head and that was enough for me. As the other half of id-iom had gone for the light, colourful and fluffy side of the coin, i decided to take it the other way and make it a little dark and menacing just for good measure.

When i started the picture of the monkey it seemed a little flat and lifeless so i decided to cut out the swinging monkey and apply some cardboard to the back of it so that it gave a little shadow. After this all that there was left to do was try and frame it so it looked a little more gift-like (all framers out there no need to worry your jobs are safe).



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