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Anything that kills me makes me feel alive

This guy is an urban vampire. If you know what to look for it’s easy to spot. Bats for hair is the first thing. As we all know, vampires are naturally bald but over time they’ve convinced squadrons of tiny undead bats to cling to their scalps in some semblance of a hairpiece. They tend to have a glamour (or spell) that makes the beasts look just like a well tousled head of hair but if you squint just right you can see the little blighters scrabbling over each other for purchase or occasionally flying off to snatch a nearby fly.

The fact that vampires tend to smoke hemlock cigarettes is another giveaway. With a smell more acrid than burning tyres one hit will kill you in an instant but that doesn’t stop them passing them over for a toke to anyone stupid enough to ask what it is.

Finally, vampires love bling. And not just any one old bling. They believe that ancient gold artifacts posess the power of civilisations now gone. And the mythical Golden Fleece is the most revered of the lot. Here he’s had it spun into an actual fleece so he’ll be able to pass as normal a bit more easily whilst out and about. So there you go. Now you now.

He’s been lasercut on wood at 39 x 27cm and then lovingly hand painted before some gold and silver leaf was added (they love bling remember) and a drizzle of crystal resin to finish.




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I once killed a man…

It’s just like id-iom to be late to the party and it would seem like ‘talk like a pirate day’ is no exception. If you missed it ‘talk like a pirate day’ was yesterday – 19th September – but due to our tardiness we’ll be throwing our hat in the ring today instead with a little pirate themed street art. To that end we have gone for a light pun based work employing the timeless convention of the double entendre. That is all. Now it be time to walk the plank!



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We come in peace…

‘We come in peace, shoot to kill!’. Lines immortalised by ‘Captain Kirk’ in the Firm’s 1987 hit ‘Startrekkin’. Now, whilst that song has thankfully been swallowed by the sands of time the sentiment expressed in those lines is still very much alive and well. It’s cats. They think like that.

Cats are inscrutable little suckers. Even at the best of times there’s just no telling what they’re thinking. When you think they’re being friendly they’re probably just demanding food or threatening to kill you. And if ever they do get opposable thumbs then we’re probably in for some serious trouble. I, for one, welcome our new cat overlords…



Title: We come in peace…
Materials: Spray paint, stencils, paint pen and watercolour paint on a section of map
Size: 50 x 45cm
Please email if interested

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Now we eat mouse…

Sometimes the muse makes you do funny things. You may start off with different ideas but before you know it  you’ve painted a big picture of a hungry schizophrenic raven with a bad heart who has just found himself some dinner. Whilst the motivation behind some pieces is obvious or easily worked out i’m really not sure myself of how this one came to be. So there you have it. Class dismissed.



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The Making of Disney’s DUCK!

Like i said in my last post we have been busy…

This time we’ve got a final piece and a little video to go with it. Once i’d found the wooden board on the street I knew exactly what I was going to do with it (as a side note I am now a fully fledged womble and regularly look in skips and pick up things in the street to use at home. I sometimes feel like an itinerant bin man and I’m also not entirely sure how impressed my lovely lady is when i struggle home with some bulky item after a night at the pub. Ah well, i digress. Let’s move on.)  Anyway, after numerous failed attempts at making the video we’ve finally got it on YouTube  (if Disney‘s vexatious legal department haven’t already unleashed the dogs on us!)

After thinking about Donald’s famously explosive temper i did a little research and found out that (amongst other things) that his birthday is Friday the 13th! Once i had found that little gem out the idea pretty much formed itself. This is most definitely a film i’d love to see made although i’m reckoning it will take a pretty big turn in Disney’s fortunes before they start pumping out the animated horror films… Oh, if only id-iom worked for Disney!



Title: Disney’s DUCK!
Media: Hand-cut stencils and spraypaint on found wooden board
Size: 50 x 60cm


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Heart Kill Giant

We were asked to have a look at a logo for an upcoming band called Heart Kill Giant. They already had the font they liked so we were just seeing if we could jazz it up a little.

To listen to the band follow this link



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