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I see faces. Even when trying not to.

Out of all the pieces of canvas we found this was the most complete with a somewhat creepy face that the other half of id-iom just did not like. After a few minutes of discussion on what we were going to do we decided we were going to go abstract although we had no concrete plans on how we were going to go about achieving this.

We find the easiest way to proceed when you have no plan is to just start and see where it takes you. This can lead to some unfortunate circumstances however…

On the journey to abstraction we had to start somewhere so our first idea was to turn the piece into a half man, half pineapple kind of thing. Luckily this idea didn’t hang around too long before the other half of id-iom decided to become a bit of a can killer and pierce any almost-empty cans we had hanging around the studio.

Whilst, it was fun we had clearly gone too far by this point. So we gave into the inevitable and went back to rescuing some of the face. With a little finesse and a whole lot of luck we set about trying to pull this canvas back from the brink. A square stencil here or there, pulling the face forward and pushing the abstracted area into the background I give you ‘I see faces. Even when trying not to’.




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Sir Asmund’s School Days

Now we’ve all heard of Sir Asmund Quayle and his many ridiculous antics but there I was having a quiet pint with the man himself at Crufts recently when on seeing a Tamaskan said ‘What a lovely dog, I used to have one as a child! His name was Connaghyn.’ At this, my ears pricked up due to the fact I’ve known this reprobate for countless years and never once heard him speak of his childhood.

With the aplomb of a serial killers psychiatrist, I slowly tried to get him to reminisce about the old days and I can tell you, I wasn’t disappointed. Of course, I could never repeat what I was told unless I want seriously bad things to happen to me. I think this picture is as close as I can get to telling you anything at all. So, perhaps we’ll just leave it at that.

It is A4 and made using acrylic, paint pen and pencil. If you want to give him a new home just drop us a line…



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Dead Bad Dibo Bunny

Dead Bad Dibo Bunny

Dead Bad Dibo Bunny

We had a small competition a little while ago on Facebook where I posted the image below (with the caption at the bottom cropped off) and had people guess what the rabbit was up to.

The answers regarding what the bunny were up to were pretty much uniformly bad suggesting that he was a serial killer or perhaps some kind of drug addict. Personally I think it’s the look in his beady little eye that gives that impression.  The poster suggests otherwise. Patrick (for that is his name) is actually putting in or otherwise adjusting his new hearing aids. Assumably it’s so he can hear the blood curdling screams of his victims or hear his dealer when he calls him up.

The truth is bad things just seem to follow Patrick wherever he goes. He was kicked out of his warren at the tender age of 2 when he was still a big ball of fluff but they already knew then what i’m telling you now. Nobody really knows what he was up to for the next few years. Some say he spent some time with an unorthodox Irish shaman trying to learn the mysteries of life, others that he was a ruthless pimp in Bolton and there’s one person who swears he was heavily involved with the creation of One Direction. Maybe all three are true? Anyway, the next time we have any concrete evidence of his whereabouts is from medical records suggesting he suffered some kind of traumatic ear loss. There are no details as to how or why.

Today’s piece was the prize for the closest guess as to what Patrick was doing and gives us some kind of update on what he’s doing now. Exactly what that is I’m not sure. It doesn’t look particularly good though. It’s called ‘Dead Bad Dibo Bunny’ and is currently in its new home in Germany. That’s all I know for sure…






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The Belgian Takedown

If you’ve never heard of the Belgian takedown I’m hardly surprised. It’s a particularly nasty method for a soldier to take out an enemy sentry whereby you sneak up behind him and grab his ankles from under him to take him to the floor then kick him in the family jewels whilst he’s down to induce shock then silently dispatch him by whatever means you like. Anyway, this guy is a Belgian takedown master. It’s his forte. He’s that good at it that they’ve given him medals for it. He has got a pretty intense stare though…



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Three go on an adventure

Pippa and Tom decide they require some extra income so come up with the plan of renting out their spare room. After advertising it on the internet for a couple of weeks they’ve strangely had just the one reply and so grudgingly decide to see the only respondent. He’s dressed oddly but seems affable and chatty enough and they could really do with the money so they agree that he can move in.

After he’s been there just a few days they spontaneously decide to take some holiday and embark on a uncharacteristically dangerous adventure with their new housemate Lucifer. They’d no sooner reached their destination in the distputed borderlands of Pakistan and Afghanistan when things start to go awry. It now appears increasingly unlikely that they’ll all be making it back from their little sojourn intact. What on earth went wrong?

Unfortunately Pippa and Tom failed to perform due diligence on their new housemate who just happened to be the devil incarnate. If only they’d checked his references before jumping to sign him up then perhaps they wouldn’t be in this situation. Here ends the lesson.



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Cardboard, cardboard, everywhere!

There’s nothing like giving yourself more work to do. I printed up these bits of cardboard in order that we could do some street drops (once the weather had bucked up and the cardboard would survive more than 2 minutes in the rain) but then decided it would be best if they were all hand-finished thus increasing our workload exponentially (i love that work ‘exponentially’!)

Anyway I always wonder what happens with pieces when you put them on the street. Do people pick them up? Does the bin man get them? Are they otherwise destroyed? Who knows. What they do once released is up to them – although i always wish them the very best of luck. It’s a harsh world out there and the circle of life is always turning but surely some must make it somewhere nice…



Title: Killer Smile Man
Media: Screenprint, acrylic, newspaper, ink & paint pen
Size: Cardboard

Title: Tobacco Kiss
Media: Screenprint, acrylic, spraypaint and stencils, ink & paint pen
Size: Cardboard

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