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Meanwhile in Brixton…

Being a womble ain’t easy. We’ve brought all kinds of stuff home (much to the dismay of my girlfriend) so with the onset of some good weather we decided to paint them up with the intention of getting them out of my garden and onto the street. With the day being warm and full of sun we got to work. After a couple of hours this was one of the pieces we’d produced featuring a lady in her knickers smoking a ciggy (which is just out of shot). What exactly she’s doing in Brixton I’m not quite sure but maybe we’ll find out more when I manage to get her back on the streets…




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Feeling flush?

As i have undoubtedly mentioned before it is sometimes very difficult trying to explain where inspiration for any particular piece comes from. This piece is probably a perfectly good example of that. All i can really tell you is what i know – and that is that it’s a picture of a man wearing knickers, suspenders and high heels who is aiming a gun somewhere off page. That’s about as much as i can readily explain about it. The rest i leave up to you. Make of it what you will…




Title: Do you feel flush?

Media: Acrylic, ink, newspaper and paint pen

Size: A2

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