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Green hair don’t care

One day Felicity Flamur was sat on a park bench eating her lunch and minding her own business when she managed to eat a radioactive cress seed in her egg and cress sandwich. The next morning she looked in the mirror and realised she had shrubbery for hair and had acquired some plant based superpowers. She should probably have just sued Tesco and moved on with her life but instead she now fights injustice wheresoever she may find it. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find her… maybe you can hire Cress Head.




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Weeping Beauty

weeping beauty

weeping beauty

Imagine the scene with me in the back garden in my speedos trying to grab a few of those sun’s precious rays. Of course as you can imagine i was mildly minding my own business but i have to admit it was incredibly difficult with what can be only described as a extremely loud wailing noise coming from the next garden. At first i thought it might be a pole cat and a mongoose making sweet sweet inter species love, then i thought it could be a jet engine starting up but i just didn’t think the neighbours were that proficient at engineering, then i thought it could be a cartload of howlwer monkeys having a business meeting but that just didn’t ring true either. So putting on my neighbourhood watch waistcoat i decided to investigate. Peeking over the fence i noticed a lone lady sat on a sun lounger crying all by herself. How could such a thing make such an incredible noise i thought to myself whilst trying to get her attention. Eventually i did manage to grab her attention but that was only after i had thrown a bit of my beer at her. Startled she looked around at me but just kept on crying. I tried to console her from over the garden fence but to no avail so i did the only thing i could do, i went and grabbed my watercolours and set about painting her. After i had finished i threw the picture to her side of the garden where she didn’t even look at it but just carried on weeping to herself. Anyway after that i got bored, left the house and went down the pub. She was still wailing when i left and i’m still not sure why.



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Tilt. Shift.

The lady in this picture is what most people would call stand-offish or aloof and that is because she is. She just loves to look down on everyone and not just in a figurative sense but a literal sense as well.

When talking to her she looks down at you from a high angle due to her Amazonian height (and heels) but more importantly the sharp angle at which she keeps her head in relation to whoever she is talking to. She likes to think it creates the illusion of looking down at a miniature model just like in tilt shift photography.

To get the angle I wanted for this portrait I had to use every trick in my arsenal and resorted to painting her whilst balancing precariously at the top of the tallest ladder I could lay my hands on…



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In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas

We were invited up to the suitably swanky Hill House in Norfolk to adorn their already impeccably adorned walls with some large scale outdoor id-iom artwork. Given that Hill House is often hired out for parties and events we thought we’d try and come up with something suitable and ‘In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas’ is the result.

The Latin phrase translates as ‘In wine there is truth, in water there is health’ and it is a sentiment of which id-iom and, I’d like to think, Hill House itself approves. The table tennis table in the same outdoor space was looking a little worse for wear so we decided to give that a little makeover too in order to match the newly minted mural. The place was lovely, the weather was great and the staff (when we saw them) were equally so. It was all work though as being artists-in-residence for the week left ample time to stroll the grounds with a shandy in hand examining the very many cute bunny rabbits that also shared the garden dispensing nuggets of truth…



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What would you do if you woke every morning in the woods near your house rather than your bed? I think I’d probably be a little concerned.

Carol here was so worried about this turn of events that she set up some cameras around her house to see exactly what was transpiring at night. To absolutely no ones surprise it turned out Carol is a sleepwalker or somnambulist. I think more concerning is that Carol still sleeps naked. She should probably do something about that…



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Emergency/She walks in beauty


What’s better than one picture? Two pictures! Since it’s coming up to Easter I thought it about time we treated you to another double sided creation.

Side one features a privacy inspired CCTV wallpaper design. In today’s always-connected society the feeling that you’re being watched is very real indeed. Because you probably are. If the proliferation of CCTV covering the length and breadth of our fair isle isn’t enough we have our online movements tracked by just about everyone with most of the information apparently available to the highest bidder. What strange times we live in. To commemorate this I decided to create this lovely bespoke wallpaper  design as a reminder.

Side two features a somewhat androgynous looking lady with Lord Byron’s poem ‘She walks in beauty’ as the background text. Apparently Lord Byron went to a ball and met his cousin by marriage, Mrs Anne Beatrice Wilmot, who was in mourning and wearing a black dress set with spangles and next morning he’d come up with what is widely regarded as his most famous work. Inspiration can strike at strange times it would seem. Once you’ve combined that with our jazzy striped background then you’ve got another certified id-iom piece.

Painted on a 60cm x 40cm wooden panel with id-iom’s patented ‘hang either way’ industrial look picture hanging system. She’s sure to brighten up just about anywhere she’s hung. Drop us a line if interested.



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The id

She had it from birth and she always felt it. She was id-ridden and the ego and super ego could do nothing about it. She was a mass of instinctive drives and impulses that needed immediate satisfaction or else bad things would happen and she had no way of stopping it.

We here at id-iom though know exactly how to deal with an out of control id, in fact it’s how we spend most of our days – battling the id in front of a canvas, wall or computer screen. Once we’d convinced her all she needed was our patented transcendental meditation course (only £5999!) she was good to go. Now she’s a harmonious and productive member of society. And you can be too. Just drop us a line…

It is A4 in size and made using the magic of acrylic and paint pens.



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