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Other People’s Graffiti (light installation edition)

I thought I’d kick Friday off with another instalment of Other People’s Graffiti which today feature’s a classy light installation found at a mystery pub I found myself in by chance. Some might dismiss this as just some lights in a bottle but they aren’t really paying attention. There is much to like. One – it’s a light installation. Two – it’s in a Lambrini bottle with all the labels still ¬†on. Three – they’ve actually gone to the effort of drilling a hole in the bottle so the power lead can come out and they can still have the cap on. Four – the alluring glow of the pink lights on a windowsill behind a net curtain. Five – the presentation as a whole.

Put all those things together and just marvel at it’s majestic glory. Unbounded creativity combined with a wry eye for social commentary and some slick presentation. Beauty is where you find it.




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