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Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

The lad didn’t know he was different – that was until the day he fired purple laser beams from his eyes! It all started innocently enough. He was talking with his boss over Zoom when he was jokingly reminded about a regrettable incident in the lift the previous year. He tried to wisecrack back but the jibe had already got under his skin and then before you knew it a purple light started to crackle from his eyes. The next thing he knew he had burnt a hole clear through the laptop screen and window in front of him. The acrid smell of burning plastic filled the air. He wondered what on earth he was meant to do next…




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Blinded by the lights – id-iom x Sr. X

A while ago we got in touch with Sr. X and asked if he’d be interested in doing a collaboration with us. We’d always liked his style and thought we may well be able to have some fun with a bit of street work. After knocking a few ideas round between us we settled on the idea of a stare off using the same image of a rather angry man as our starting point and seeing where we’d end up each doing it in our own style. So, with a somewhat unnatural day of sunshine promised for Sunday we packed up the id-iomobile and set off for the East End with hope in our hearts.

We’d had to guesstimate the size of the gates based on a photo but it turns out that we’d got the measurement just about spot on. So far, so good. Once we’d made the requisite amount of mess for his face it was just a matter or adding the stencil again and getting some shading in there. Meanwhile, Sr. X was adding his signature paint splashes that give a certain  motion to the whole thing. At this point I remembered the LED’s we’d brought along so it was decided to have some laser eyes that would hopefully give the whole piece a bit of a lift when darkness fell. I’m not entirely sure how long they last but I’m hoping maybe a week or so (if they haven’t been stolen or removed by that time). I’m not sure who’s going to win the stare off but all the loser has got to look forward to is some permanent retinal damage…



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